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  1. Hylt, you still using the old VW wasted spark factory coil setup ? Internal igniters ?
  2. I went and read ALL 206 pages and all the topics in this forum. Yes, it is a lot ! What I found was that most of the questions asked are pretty much the same issues, just in a different format. Same problems. Adam, you are a Trojan mate ! Putting up with the same stuff ad infinitum.. I really learnt a sh*tload of how the ecu works and how the features inner working are interlinked. I am sure I still now very little but was able to help myself. I also discovered that Adam no longer works for Link, that's a double kudos to you for handling a large part of this forum bud.
  3. Gsab

    DSG 7 speed controller

    Know this is an old topic but HTG Gcu in Poland do a full stand alone gcu for most popular DCT and auto boxes.
  4. Mmmm,,,then something`s the fk the matter...Thanks, will find it.
  5. Thanks, I rewired everything to run off Can 1 on plug D, all is good. It is one of the old Link display cables. Can you confirm that I need to supply 12v to Plug D for the fuel pump Aux 14 to work properly ?
  6. Yea, sorry. Aux 14. I am using my old Aim dash which has the round can plug fitted. Just beneath the comms plug. I am not using the dedicated can hi and low on plug D. If this is connected, I lose comms to laptop ie: disconnect. I take it then that I should rather use the dedicated Plug D can Hi and Low ? Thanks.
  7. Adam, I was under the impression that Thunder can do ecu/laptop comms at the same time Can is active ? I know my Vipec could only do one at a time. I am using An14 for fuel pump control, could not get it to activate, do I need to supply Plug D with 14V separately for this function to work ? I will still post Log files , I am re checking all my hardware first.
  8. Yup, agree totally. I seem to have a Honeywell 0-16 Bar fuel pressure sensor fitted !! Always worked well with my ViPEC V88.I think a big problem here is is related to this sensor as well. Thanks for the info though, enlightenment when you cannot see the trees for the woods anymore....Ill load logfile this evening.
  9. In the modeled fuel setup, the DW injector data size setup-what would you input ? 1000cc ? As a point of interest, what would the link injector driver be classified as, Type A or Type B drivers ? 42M 1000cc Technical Data Sheet(8).pdf
  10. Thank you Sir, I shall try this today. Will also load a log file soonest.
  11. Yes, latest Firmware update installed. I shall look at GD, thanks.
  12. What t/b new or used and what a/p, new or used ? I would also think that An t/b relay voltage is monitored by ecu to operate in a "green" state ? Is your PDM supplying t/b direct ? Bypassing ecu completely ?
  13. Firstly, my first attempt at modeled fueling . I am having to input ridiculously small fuel numbers for the engine to even start and idle. I am sure something is not correct somewhere . RB motor, 3.4 l stroker from Spool. DW1000 cc injectors, base fuel pressure of 3 bar. DBW (Thunder ecu) Doubt this should influence anything but running a Kinsler mech fuel pump , see no fpr creep due to volume back pressure at idle or medium revs. (2x separate returns for surge tank and fpr) Inj dead times as per DW spec sheet. Modeled info may or may not be correct - I do not know what some of the s
  14. Hiya, was your 017 025 sensor a 5 or 6 wire ? Missing the green wire ? I see this is the trimming resistor, how super critical is that ?
  15. Got an Opel Astra power steering pump fitted to my car, need to figure a strategy to control the thing. Main power always connected via fuse circuitry. It has 2x additional inputs that get 12v simultaneously to make it active. One stays connected to 12v. The other needs 12v only when the steering input is changed , this spins it up to full power. Once the input stops, need to disconnect this 12v source until the next input. I would need some sort of column activation sensor, input to the Thunder with an appropriate output. Any ideas?
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