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    Gsab reacted to dynoiasi in Jerking badly in very low load   
    Turns out in my case the jerking was caused by too much advance, like 0x33 suggested. I reduced significantly the timing/torque and the jerking is finally gone. Now my car is really starting to drive well, I just have to fix the long cranking / stall after startup issue and it's all dialed in
    Thank you all for you help!
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    Gsab reacted to Adamw in G4+ Xtreme E Throttle/DBW high rpm start issue   
    Looks like I missed one setting, change the RPM lock out to 400RPM will probably help the stalling after blips.  

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    Gsab reacted to Guido in Pull up resistor   
    +5v from ECU
    |   wire
    Pull Up resistor
    |   wire
    ----wire--------> 5V Analog input on ECU
    |   wire
    |   wire
    GND from ECU (ONLY use GND directly from ECU
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    Gsab reacted to dx4picco in trigger scope   
    all good
    still learning too
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    Gsab reacted to dx4picco in trigger scope   
    create a time plot with the available trigger data
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    Gsab reacted to wastegate in Bosch 1000cc Injector data PN 0280158040   
    Here is my data, from Golebys website, not sure if it's dead on but it is something.


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    Gsab reacted to sixcherries in Warm Start Struggles   
    So in the above table I took the original cranking enrichment values as the 'base' value I guess you'd call it, and then added for high IAT temps... Didn't work very good. Looks like it's only using the 40% figure across all ECT temps. So I'm looking at my first 3D crank enrichment trial as a success - because now I know what not to do
    This is my new 3D crank enrichment table which is definitely an improvement compared to without the 3d table. I can start it without 10% throttle during crank, at high IAT temps - from heat soak. I also changed Startup Step values from 15 across the board by stepping each increment of 10% ECT by 5 steps.

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    Gsab reacted to boostDR in Warm Start Struggles   
    I had a similar issue. Couldn’t sort it out. Running a truck battery jumped  helped which made me think the dead time vs voltage was off. But I feel that may be related to better spark to ignite the mixture  
    The thing that fixed it completely was removing my Xspurt 1000cc injectors which had the dispersion disc machined off like other high flow injectors (ID,etc) and replacing with Bosch 3/4 long nose 980cc injectors. These have a proper dispersion cap (7 hole maybe) rather than the garden hose single outlet. 
    All my problems went away. Black smoke disappeared, starting problems were non existent  Car felt OEM again and picked up some fuel economy and power.  
    Picked up the problem by filming the injector firing at cranking on a high speed camera. 
    The Xspurt injector would hit the valve/port and stick to it mostly,  the Bosch would hit it and bouch back in a mist Ball night and day difference.
    The Amount of post injection Tau(wall wetting) is very obvious with less than desired atomization. 
    May not be your problem but though it worth mentioning my experience 

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    Gsab reacted to Adamw in Cheap basic electrical schematic package   
    For basic stuff, I use a free online one called scheme-it, from Digikey.  You just need to set up a log-in.  One of my drawings as an example below.  

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    Gsab reacted to Pete_89t2 in Cheap basic electrical schematic package   
    I've been using a program called TinyCAD for my schematics. It's a freeware program, runs on Windows, and is pretty easy to figure out and use. It also includes a pretty decent library of electrical/electronic components (resistors, diodes, etc.), and you can create your own components to add to the library.
    More info & download can be found here: https://www.tinycad.net
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    Gsab reacted to Adamw in Xtreme ECU and 6.2L LS Modeled Fuel Issues   
    I suspect your MAP sensor calibration is wrong.  It is obviously pretty close at atmosphere when the engine isnt running, but it doesnt look realistic at all when it is running under vacuum.  You only have 16kpa at 4000RPM and 25% throttle, and it goes down to 4kpa (near absolute zero) in moderate over-run which is near impossible.    
    Most of the GM sensors cant even go below 20Kpa.  
    Whats the part number for the sensor?
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    Gsab reacted to loca5790 in Xtreme ECU and 6.2L LS Modeled Fuel Issues   
    It won't let me post another picture but at the lower bound of the sensor the link and the factory ecu drift further apart.  At the decel the link was at 4 Kpa but the factory ecu was at 16 kPa.  
    During driving at max boost factory logged 146 kPa and link 140 kPa.  This lines up with the idle numbers and all other driving numbers.  Idle link is 52ish kPa and factory was around 60 kPa.  The 6-8 kPa delta holds true under all conditions other than the one you pointed out.  
    In order to scale my MAP axis to account for this error when running my axis for load via MAP was shifted by 7 kPa across the board from my original tune to my new tunes once I identified this offset.
    https://www.summitracing.com/parts/nal-12592525?seid=srese1&gclid=Cj0KCQiA8dH-BRD_ARIsAC24umYEJaykPE9MeNTgaAA0MQCHaB6SZCODECRjy2RWrfQqlXy97rvNvL8aAr9UEALw_wcB  is a link to the map sensor.
    Factory calibration is -11.25 offset and 312.5 linear.  The way to calculate this is as follows: 312.5 is the 5V number and -11.25 is the axis cross point at 0.
    Volts Map 0 -11.25 0.5 21.125 1 53.5 1.5 85.875 2 118.25 2.5 150.625 3 183 3.5 215.375 4 247.75 4.5 280.125 5 312.5  
    This is the curve generated off that method.
    If you reference my table you can see it is shifted on the volt axis.  I also have a couple kPa error in there because the factory curve actually started at -11.25, I will redo that table for austerity measures.
    Old table
    New Table - I still may have to scale this table.... will check...

    This table was created by calculating y=mx+b then solving for the limitation of no decimal places allowed in axis divisions in the link.  The table was broken into even steps rounded to the nearest whole number and then solved for x because decimals places could be used.  9 was used because it was the first positive number in the table.
    Anyway, the shifting of the VE map to correlate with the discrepancy in the map reading between factory and the link should have been acceptable for trial purposes, but this again depends on how the model is calculating VE and brings us back to how does it work.
    I am investigating bringing my MAP in across CAN and using that as a scalar on my Fuel/Ign tables but would have to be ANV table.  Would love to see CAN variable be able to be assigned to hard coded axis such as TPS, IAT, CLT... I think you understand the desire.
    Ill try again with the updated axis and rescaling all my fuel/ign tables.

    This curve is to demonstrate the error between the tables.  The X represents my first table and the triangle is the new table created.  The triangle is the factory curve.
    I have to be honest here, bit by Holley's genius once again.  I used their curve labeled as that map sensor part number in their software figuring how could one mess that up............ wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll it is wrong.  My mistake, thanks Adam... hopeful this fixes it.
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    Gsab reacted to motomattx in Injector change   
    If you tune was good before the switch you should be able to change the latency table, the injector size and minimum pulse width and it should run pretty good.
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    Gsab reacted to koracing in Fury or thunder X   
    How likely is it that it will end up being a wire to wire / pin to pin same ecu as the thunder in the X format?  I hope there is something even better on the horizon.  PDM integration?
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    Gsab reacted to Confused in Impossibly small numbers on my fuel tune. Help please.   
    @Gsab I've been visiting this forum every day for a couple of years now, and have been reading every new thread that's posted, and I agree - you can learn a LOT about how the ECU works just by doing so, and also HUGE respect to @Adamw for his professionalism and patience (even when he didn't work for Link for a while - I think he's back officially now?) - especially when, as you said, most people do not come back to say thanks!
    It reminds me a little of this:

    XKCD: Wisdom of the Ancients
    One thing I don't like about Haltech is that they discourage you from using the forum, and prefer you to call them. That means as a new (or potential) user, you don't have the ability to look back over issues people have had and see their resolution, so it's likely you'll make similar mistakes to others.
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    Gsab got a reaction from Confused in Impossibly small numbers on my fuel tune. Help please.   
    I went and read ALL 206 pages and all the topics in this forum. Yes, it is a lot !
    What I found was that most of the questions asked are pretty much the same issues, just in a different format.
    Same problems. Adam, you are a Trojan mate ! Putting up with the same stuff ad infinitum..
    I really learnt a sh*tload of how the ecu works and how the features inner working are interlinked. I am sure I still now very little but was able to help myself.
    I also discovered that Adam no longer works for Link, that's a double kudos to you for handling a large part of this forum bud.
    The biggest thing I saw was that there was no acknowledgement for Adams or any other persons input, advice and problem solving. Once the answer was given, hardly a reply or  thanks. An eye opener.
    I have solved all my immediate issues( I hope) and thanks for your input Adam , CJ , Vaughn and others ! Thanks guys, it is appreciated greatly .
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    Gsab reacted to Simon in Low Oil Pressure protection strategy question   
    Aux 5 is set to activate the light if GP limit 1 becomes active.

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    Gsab reacted to Adamw in Low Oil Pressure protection strategy question   
    Sorry CJ posted just before me but I will leave it here anyhow.
    Here is an oil pressure example from the help file:

    For a warning lamp to be activated whenever this Oil press limit is active you would use a GP Aux with set up like below:

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    Gsab reacted to cj in Low Oil Pressure protection strategy question   
    The warning light is simple enough - configure an aux output as GP on/off, label it "Oil pressure warning" or similar, and set the condition to "oil pressure < 30kpa" or whatever you decide is a good level. This output will be connected to the ground side of your warning light in most cases. 
    the ignition cut you can do a couple ways but you'll probably end up setting a GP RPM limit (under engine protection). turn on GP limit 1, then in the GP limit 1 table, change the Y axis to "oil pressure". You now set the rpm limit to 10000 or something higher than you ever hit in all cells where you want the engine to run normally, and either zero or your idle rpm in all the "failure" cells (ie the low pressure+high RPM cells). you can also do some logging of normal oil pressure and tweak the table using this so that the threshold for "failure" is just below normal at every RPM. If you set the limit to 0 you will stall the engine. There is a startup lockout timer in the GP limit settings that you may need to set so you can actually get the engine to start and have the oil pressure stabilise before it starts limiting it.
    If you have e-throttle you have another option of setting a second ethrottle target table where the target value never goes above 5 or 10% (or 0 if you want to stall it). You then set the condition for switching to table 2 to be the status of your warning light. This way you can also add in low fuel pressure or any other protection conditions you want to cover by adding them as conditions for the warning light (which could also be a virtual aux if you want the warning light to use different conditions than the thottle table swap.
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    Gsab reacted to Vaughan in Knock controle link g4+   
    The knock retard is visible in the Cylx Knk I-Trim runtimes, the reason it doesn't show up in the main ignition angle value is that the retard numbers are typically cylinder based rather than overall.
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    Gsab reacted to mldc in Water Pump PWM   
    Did some testing, results are below.
    Any pump CWA50, CWA200 or CWA400 would work with these settings.
    We use CWA200.
    1 - wired 12V from the PMU16, 25A channel.
    2 - wired Aux high state signal.
    3 - wired to ecu signal gnd. 
    4 - simple chassis GND.
    ECU settings:

    50% on cranking is for waking up the pump.
    After that, You can use higher values then 50%.
    If your idle is lower then 1000 RPM, adjust the PWM table axis and values to suit your application.

    Our race car working temperature is 70 C.
    In my case You can see that pump is working very slowly till 50 C. It's because I need to warm the coolant up as fast as I can.
    If You change Aux PWM table values, You could get more linear interpolation.
    Last chart shows how output current is ramping up as coolant temp warming up.
    p.s: I have wired coolant pressure sensor. On full power pump is making 0.7 bar of water pressure in the system.
    These settings are good starting point.

    Thank You.
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    Gsab reacted to Adamw in Thunder PCLink settings   
    Pins B5 and D1 are the DBW supplies, ideally they would come from their own relay/PDM output that the ECU can shut off in the event of a safety concern.  See the diagram in the help file page: Wiring Information > Output Wiring > E-Throttle > Generic Internal E-Throttle Wiring for more info.
    For the cruise switch, do you have a "schematic" type diagram of it?  How many buttons/switches does it have and how many wires?
    The VDO settings in the help file usually work ok with most Bosch throttles.
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    Gsab reacted to Summer Ng in Custom Crank Tooth   
    Mr Adam..... All VVT problem settle....
    Thank You for Teaching me so hard ......
    I'm Appreciate..... A really gd lesson for me......
    Have a good days....
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    Gsab reacted to Tomm in R32 GTR issues   
    Had the same issue.ive found in the later model R32 cluster they use a reed switch which gives the signal.available from Jaycar  just have to solder in the new one.mine was erratic and is now stable up to 240 km on the link software.
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    Gsab reacted to Adamw in Standalone DCT Gearbox Controller - Can Communication   
    You can already swap ignition tables and/or add 4 & 5D ign overlays and swap between 3 DBW tables based on CAN messages so that would likely cover what you ask.  Is that all he wants or is there more to it?  
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