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  1. I've been hearing something that I would like to get confirmation on as it's not documented. When ALS is enabled (or rather, cyclic idle is activated), knock control is not functional? I can understand that it would not be functional when ALS is firing, but that would be in a scenario that the knock logic would be off normally as the TP is below the threshold for knock detection. Say, the scenario is with GrpN with the throttle jacked: - Throttle jacked 12% - Cyclic idle low: 13% - Cyclic idle high: 15% - Cyclic idle limit: 1500 Is it possible to set the following knock settings a
  2. I'm in the process of re-configuring cyclic idle on my car with a GroupN setup. Current applicable parameters: Cyclic Idle Mode: ON = System Armed Cyclic Idle Low: 15% Cyclic Idle High: 20% Cyclic Idle Limit: 1600 Correct me if I'm wrong, but if if the engine is ever over 1600RPM, the cyclic idle should not be activated, right? What appears to be happening is that if the TPS falls between 15-20%, even at RPMs > 1600, there is spark and/or fuel cut occurring. It makes it very difficult to drive. At large TPS angles, there is no issue whatsoever. However, feathering the throttle
  3. Please add the ability for Gear Cut Control to be controlled by a Virtual Input instead of exclusively by a Digital Input. Use case: Consider a single DI that's configured as GP Input that performs a function of Road/Race. This switch is used to toggle maps and other features. When "on" it would be great if it could be used to also act as a filter for the Gear Cut Control. So Gear Cut control would be controlled by VIn where VIn is a combination of the Clutch Switch DIa and Road/Race GP Input DIb. Thanks, E
  4. Sure Simon, I can send an old map. Email address? -Eric
  5. I'll answer my own question. Yes! It is possible to make an An Volt input act like a digital input, but you need to work for it. 1) You must to use an external pullup resistor and voltage input. In my case, I used the 5V output of the ViPec and a 2.2k resistor to act as the pullup circuit. 2) You must configure the An Volt input as a GP Input. Y 3) You may need to configure a Cal Table in order to get exact look and feel of what you want in the data log. 4) You will need to configure ag Virtual Aux input based on your switching criteria after any Cal Table performed. In my case, while
  6. When using an external Knock Amplifier in VX Windowed mode and using the DI4/An Volt 2 input as the Digital Knk Feedback, the knock feedback doesn't work; the Runtime values report ERR: DI Feedback Swapping the wiring with another digital input and reconfiguring works. In my case, I swapped the DI4/An Volt 2 (Digital Knk Feedback) with DI2 (GP Input), flipped configurations between the ports, and everything is great!
  7. Sorry - I should have been more clear. The An Volt input *was* wired to the Psteer switch in my Subaru. I'm converting that input to a regular dash-mounted, SPST switch to control ECU functionality.
  8. I saw an option for configuring an An Volt input as GP Input in the Vi-Pec software but couldn't find any good information in the documentation on it. Do I have to make my own pullup circuitry to make it work properly? Ex: I'm thinking about taking an input currently wired for PS Switch and converting it to another switched input and just bumping the idle.
  9. EricW

    Updated SN

    Hey folks, I updated my SN in my profile now that I have my rally car back. Can I please get my account unlocked for posting in the customer forums? I have a pressing issue I need to get addressed. Thanks, -Eric
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