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  1. The joys of getting older. I'm only 36 though so shouldn't have any excuses yet lol... Oh well at least that's sorted anyway, its all a learning curve. Wanted to iron out any bugs before we really push the car hard. Cheers for the help mate
  2. Found where im going wrong lol.... My bad. Im looking at the table and not the "Angle"
  3. Hi having an issue with IAT ign trims. It shows that its pulling timing according to temp when I log as "IAT Ign trim" but in the main "Ign table" log it does not pull timing? I am a bit worried that it does not work at all and thinking to put a light on it on the dyno... In the log it should have dropped to around 22deg but consistantly didnt. I even pulled 2deg on a pass and it stayed the same in the main log and I lost no power. What would cause this to happen??
  4. Thanks so much for your input Dave. Its a lonely world out there with regards to tuning lol... A lot of people don't like sharing. I have some -8s and -9s in both plug types. Will try em out. Cheers :-)
  5. We have coil on plug but the CDI is wired in wasted configuration as the CDI provided only had 4 outputs. Would have rathered 6 outputs as it is a 6.. but using what was given. Still no good? Have some resister plugs but they are the big size and hard to get a socket around.
  6. Are there going to be anymore updates with the v series or are we going to be classed as second class citizens now the new model is out.
  7. No worries! That was the plan :mrgreen: So once I let go of the brake it will return to the normal 7500 rpm limiter yes? Is this kind of cut noisy? IE does it pop and fart like anti lag?
  8. Hi Im trying to add a momentary launch rpm using my transbrake button on our twin turbo v6. Can I use a DI as a gp to trigger it from my transbrake button? I want a launch rpm of around 5500-5700rpm and then after I leave I want the limiter to return to the normal rev limit of 7500 I have it set at. Any help would be great. Cheers.
  9. Hi, I want to wire a small shift light via the Injector drive 7 that im not using. Can I do this as per the picture? I figure its the same as an AUX output. Cheers in advance.
  10. Hi all. Have a strange issue that just reared its head the other day. Everything has been great no issues, car running well. The other day I thought to start the car, just to run it as I do regularly help combat corrosion from E98. Anyway.. Started it up, then it stopped after a few seconds, maybe 30sec. Started it up again and same thing. I logged to see what is going on and to my surprize there was no warm up enrichment logging?? :? Normaly it would start at around 35% and slowly decay to 0% by around 70deg C. But at the moment there is nothing, just a flat line... The c
  11. Weird problem car was going fine, stopped it put it away, went to start it a week later and it starts then stalls, error low voltage at ecu what could of happened for this to happen? from what i have read the voltage has to go under 8 volts for this to happen Battery is fully charged. using v88 and vipec cdi.
  12. Hi just relized the vipec has internal logger, duh. We have been using our computer to log my question is 1/ how do you download and view the files. 2/ does it log all the an volts 3/ it starts automatically we engine starts,is there a way to add a toggle switch to turn on and off when needed. thanks for the help this forum is giving me.
  13. Just wondering if a Ngk B8efs plug will play havoc with the ecu signals? As they are a non resistor plug.
  14. Thankyou, hope it can be added soon, make it so much easier
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