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  1. trophy

    v88 to G4+ Upgrade

    I currently have a Vipec V88 in my car, has served me well for a number of years (and continues to) however I would like to take advantage of some of the updates and new options and looking to upgrade. Is it simply a case of configuring the G4+ as per the v88 (Inputs/Outputs) and then export the old maps and import into the new ECU? Guidance and ideas appreciated.
  2. That sucks... looks like an upgraded ECU is in my future.
  3. Sorry to bring up an old thread. Do you know if this would work with a Vipec v88 ECU? is this something that could be completed with one of the can cables?
  4. Interested in understanding how people are powering their tablets while connected to the ECU. I am looking for a tablet at the moment, and will be connecting it to my Vipec v88. Also would be great to see different mounting options.
  5. Hey Adam, I have a guy that could easily do the soldering for me. If you could send the instructions, that would be great. Steven
  6. I have a V88 serial number 7826 that I understand needs an update to use the CAN feature. Is this something that is a user mod or does it need to be sent to ViPec / Link or a Dealer.? If it needs to go to a dealer, is there someone in or around Calgary, Canada that can do it, I would rather not send the ECU internationally.
  7. trophy

    g4 tablet dash

    Setting speed is easy, enter your gear ratios in the Gear Ratio Table (Not straight from your transmission gear chart) There are decent instructions in the help. I used a GPS to determine my cars correct speed, then adjusted the parameters till the ECU was reading my real road speed. Works great.. This also works well to show what gear you are in on your dash.
  8. Thanks again for everything Scott. Much appreciated.
  9. Just so I am clear (I am a little slow sometimes ) 400 BTDC In the PCLink (comp/power) would be the same as 40 BDTC between Exhaust and Intake correct? In this post http://forums.linkecu.com/index.php?/topic/647-injector-timing/ there was an Injection Timing diagram posted by Ray Hall, do you have that diagram so you can post it?
  10. Thanks for the reply Scott. These numbers are directly from my Cam supplier. These are relative to 0 Degrees being TDC between the Exhaust and Intake Stroke, rather than TDC being 0 between Comp/Power stroke. So are the numbers in the Injection Timing table are relative to TDC Being 0 Between the Compression/Power stroke?
  11. Hi Guys, Trying to get my head around the injector timing and have a couple of questions. Firstly some specs for reference. The engine is a custom 4.0l (up from 3.6l) 11.5:1 compression, Individual throttle bodies, Big Cams, ID1000 Injectors, Alpha-N, Cam: Intake - Duration 283, Opens at 33.5 BTDC, Closes at 69.5 ABDC, Lift 12.82 mm Exhaust - Duration 264, Opens at 60 BBDC, Closes at 24 ATDC, Lift 12.45 mm Overlap 57.5 Degrees with 108 Lobe Center. Injectors: ID 1000 Current Settings for Injector Timing: Single Zone, End of Injection, 400 BTDC, Split Off. I am trying to stabilize idle
  12. I have a Vacuum line running from each throttle body to a common Manifold, I need this for the Brake booster. We did try to tune the engine with the Map sensor however the map signal jumped around quite a bit which made the tuning almost impossible, I have some very big cams on this car with a fairly narrow Lobe Center so the vacuum signal even with the Vacuum manifold can be challenging.. We ended up tuning the car with Alpha-N. I did connect a vacuum line to the FPR, I an not currently logging fuel pressure so I need to buy a sensor this week and connect it up. The AFR's went very
  13. Thanks Dave... I don't have a map reference for the regulator, that will be the first thing i will address. The fuel pressure is running at 55psi which is the stock pressure for 993's. all the dead times are spot on as per Injector Dynamics numbers for 55 psi. This usually happens at lower RPM's, anything below 4000. The tune has been done professionally, by a guy i trust and respect. He is has been doing this for many,many years so the ignition table and fuel tables are perfect (or pretty damn close). I am thinking the condition you describe being unburnt fuel and air showing
  14. Hi Guys, i am having some minor issues with the accel enrichment on tip in, that maybe the collective knowledge of the forum could help me with. engine details: 4.0l 911 engine ITB's ID1000 injectors when i step in the gas i get a lean peak around 16 to 17 then the afr goes rich at around 9.3. of course when this happens i get a stumble from the engine. i understand that the itb's when you crack them dumps a ton of air so it needs the fuel to compensate however the fueling seems to responds too slowly and then gives too much fuel. Any suggestions you can provide would be grea
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