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  1. This is very strange but somehow my evo 8 engine is running better with the camshafts installed to the cam gears 180 deg opposite to what the mitsu manual says and to what all the evo engines I saw have set up. I have skunk 2 gears and there are two holes for the dowel pin on the cams. Normally when the first piston is in TDC the camshafts should be installed in a way were the dowel pin is upward when the marks on the cam gears are aligned with the marks on the valve cover. The cams are GSC S2 but that really doesn't matter. When I installed the cams like that, the engine started but it run t
  2. Hello. I need some help with connecting the V88 to power in the right way in my lancer evo 8. I'm having some back feed issues. The ECU runs fine and everything runs ok it's just when I turn off the main power "safety switch" that I have installed in the car and with the ignition key left on the ON position the ECU is still getting power and the car is still running for some time even tough there is no voltage one the +14V pins. Has anyone here connected the V88 to a evo 8 and can help me out with this? The way I have the V88 connected now is I have both +14V pins connected to constant batter
  3. Hi I have a wierd problem on the V88. Sometimes when I load a file into the ECU and the file has Knock Control enabled right after the file is uploaded Knock Control turns itself off. When I try to turn it on while conected to ecu it turns itself off again right after I turn it on. Restarting the Vipec software on the PC usualy doesn't help. Turning power off and on to the ecu seems to not help too. I have to restart the laptop, restart the ecu and then I'm able to load the file without knock control turning itself off - and that's not all the times. Sometimes doing that doesn't help. I had
  4. On the V44 plugin. Thanks for the explanation.
  5. Just received a new spring from Boomba. Less stiff. I installed it and the cal process went fine. Throttle plate opens and closes fast enough. So definitely the problem was with the spring being to stiff. I find P-3.0 I-0.016 D-45 to work best for that configuration.
  6. That is what I was thinking but when I disconnected pin 12 and 25 from the ecu the car started normally and the ecu was still getting power. Was it thru pin 82, even that pins 12 and 25 were not connected to ecu?
  7. Dave. I tried what you suggested and it didn't help anything. Still during "auto" calibration the plate doesn't go past 50% opening. My PID settings are P-7, I-0,78, D-38. I find these settings best for the stock evo X TB. I played around with changing the P and I but it didn't do any good. Any other ideas? Is there a way to allow the motor to go past 50% DC during calibration? If anything won't help with the calibration process do you think it is safe to calibrate the boomba TB without the spring, then put the spring back in, then find best PID settings and then drive the car??? I contacted b
  8. I have a question about the V44 plugin for lancer evo 8. How exactly is it getting power? On the original evo 8 4 plug wire loom pin 12 and 25 are 12V switched power thru main relay (so they are not the power supply for the ECU), pin 38 which is the MFI relay is Inj 8 used for ECU hold power, pin 82 is Ignition which is DI1 on the vipec (or is it also the power supply???), pin 80 is 12V constant but from what I checked it is not used in any way to power the ECU. Please help me out with this. I'm trying to figure out the best way to power the V88 in my evo 8 and the info on V44 which I have in
  9. I changed the max clamp DC to 95% and min to -95 but that didn't help. DC goes only up to 50 during main and sub calibration. Plate still not opening to a 100%. The range of the voltage change is about the same for both main and sub sensors during calibration. It's 2,63V for main and 2,69V for sub. Main going from 0,57V to 3,20 and sub from 4,49 to 1,80. I set up the main sensor to be sub and sub to main but that didn't change anything too.
  10. Dave No errors after TB calibration process. After presing the acceleration pedal to 100% the TPS (main) and TPS (sub) are both showing 100% opening but the voltage from these sensors is only about 2.5V. Which is actualy right because the plate is about 50% open. After taking out the spring again the TB calibrates fine. If I calibrate without the spring in the boomba TB and put the spring back in, the TB works fine and opens to 100% until I try to calibrate again with the spring inside. I was thinking it might be a power supply related issue because I'm running the tests on the bench but I'm
  11. Hi I have a problem trying to calibrate the evo X boomba TB on my V88. When I calibrate the stock evo X TB everything works fine. When I take the motor out and put it in the Boomba and try to calibrate the plate won't open to 100%. It goes up to about 60% and doesn't go any further. Like the motor wouldn't have enough strenght to over come the spring during calibration. I tried this: I calibrated the motor while in the stock TB and then put it back to the boomba again and the boomba TB seams to work ok when I press the pedal to 100% the plate opens to 100%. So the motor is strong enough to op
  12. I'm afraid the maps might be password protected because I bought a used vipec. I'll be connecting it tomorrow so I'll know for sure. Just wanted to make sure I have a base map to get things rolling in case I won't be able to use the one already uploaded. BTW did anyone of you guys ever try using the cruise control actuator in the wrx to open the throttle plate for ALS operation? Might be a good solution instead of using a throttle kicker or opening the throttle permanently.
  13. Just got the VPS9 plugin for my 2004 wrx. Looking for a base map for that car. Anybody willing to help me out and share the base map?
  14. I was thinking about doing that but wanted to ask first just in case somebody already had the numbers. I'll share the results after I do the test.
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