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  1. These would normally be connected to pin 16 on the ecu connector.
  2. Boost solenoid can be wired directly to the oem wiring next to the power steering reservoir. Iat can go on the expansion. Sensor ground and temp 3.
  3. rrob

    isc operation

    The 2J idle valve that I checked (for the exact same reason) had a 1-way valve built into it.
  4. I use the Motec DMC-D for this.
  5. rrob

    Injector Timing

    I find low 400's works well at idle and light load. Usually have to chase the VCT a bit with inj timing also.
  6. Pin 45(ign switch, black with a red trace) comes from the front fuse box. There's a connector you can test near the windscreen washer bottle(1 of the 2x 8 pin connectors). The wire is alot thicker there also.
  7. Aux 6 = Engine fan 1 Engine fan 1 is set to desired temp and hysteresis.
  8. Look right down the bottom of the aux outputs tab.
  9. This is a perfect example of why a CAN based Lambda system is a whole lot better.
  10. I utilise HD viewer to interpret Cobb logs. Never thought to use it for Link as the internal viewer has its perks.
  11. Are you connected to the correct port on the ECU itself?
  12. rrob

    Toyota fan control

    This it a Vipec 4.9 file. Aux out 3 with a PWM table. Verossa no gear compensations.pcl
  13. rrob

    Toyota fan control

    Yes it's PWM controlled. I'll have a search for a file I have, that used this setup.
  14. Rotational idle/cyclic idle. Just zero out the rest of the Antilag tables.
  15. Try 2 bar, and see if the readings are realistic.
  16. Check manifold guage pressure(MGP) or use the metric system.
  17. http://www.sard.co.jp/after_eng/products/engine/injector/injector_hanyou.html
  18. The CAS wiring will need reversing as the pinout is opposite. Also NEO's dont take the timing others do, so be careful.
  19. rrob

    injector dead time

    Right click, axis setup.
  20. rrob

    s15 VCT set up

    Can you use a virtual aux to add extra conditions?
  21. rrob

    s15 VCT set up

    Add a 3rd condition that's minimum 1.5-2% TP main.
  22. rrob

    3sgte Misfire

    1j and 2j have a 1 way valve as part of the idle assembly. No need for it to be boost referenced.
  23. Is this suitable for your engine? https://www.efihardware.com/products/2865/Land-Rover-3-5L-Sequential-Distributor
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