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  1. 0.85v when full and 5.6v when empty. Im maxing out the 5v limit. Looking at a voltage divider atm.
  2. Yeah it was a poor pic that has been fixed. I tried with the pullup box checked and uncheck with the same results. It mentions about PDM only so I don't know if I have this feature available. Yes I still have the factory gauge connected as well. I have look at the FSM and the resistance when Full is 5 ohms and empty is 95 ohms
  3. I have run out of scaling for my fuel gauge. I figure I need to use a resistor in series to drop the mv under 5 but unsure what size resistor to run. Is there any recommendation?
  4. Nice looking setup there. I don't have AC so I'm using a dry ice tank inside my main water tank when I want my temps under ambient. Have you measured the water pressure in your lines after the pump? You could have some head pressure reducing the water flow. I would also run a Differential pressure gauge accros your radiators as you may find your wheel well is not as negative as you think.
  5. If your still running AC you can get creative with the cold side AC hose to cool your water
  6. If you PM me ur email I'll send you some log files where I test water flow speed through a radiator.
  7. Nice ride, one of the biggest things I learnt with my W2A setup is run the biggest pump and lines possible. Can't go wrong with plenty of sensors, without data it's just an assumption.
  8. Dam I run a 100psi sensor and have no issues with resolution. You can see the pressure rise as the temp goes up. Mine is mounted in the storage tank. Can post a log/trend if u would like.
  9. Can you link ur current map. Try these dead times and zero out your SPAT 6.000 7.000 8.000 9.000 10.000 11.000 12.000 13.000 14.000 15.000 4.108 3.354 2.599 2.145 1.691 1.468 1.245 1.111 0.977 0.881
  10. What lambda at idle? Try at .95 and see how that goes. Once u get accurate dead times you can lean it back out. What lambda at idle? Try at .95 and see how that goes. Once u get accurate dead times you can lean it back out.
  11. Your base fuel pressure is 440kpa so your injector data has to match that. Or drop your base fuel pressure down to 300kpa
  12. One of your relays is not accidentally a changeover relay. Should be all 87 pins.
  13. Ducie54


    Could it be sparking on the exhaust stroke?
  14. Ducie54


    What was the out come in regards to the trigger pattern.
  15. Ducie54


    Correct me if I have miss read but you were asked for a trigger scope file. Was that even done?
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