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  1. max

    charge temperature

    never seen a charge temp approximation table does it need turning on with another menu
  2. max

    charge temperature

    in the runtime value list under the fuel tab at the bottom there is a box saying charge temperature it gets to a certain temp then the box goes red . basically what is it and does it affect anything and where does it take a reading from as its not taking it from the iat sensor and i cant find a menu for it
  3. sorted it i had a stupid moment the fuel temp was working all along and the oil sensor was remote mounted so it measured pressure fine but as it had no flow its wasnt picking up the change in temp swapped a few sensors around and it seems to be working correct now thanks for the help
  4. dash reading is from a stack dash with its own pressure sensor i will go back tomorrow and remove one of the sensors for testing. its strange from cold they both start off reading around 10c then when coolant temp gets up to 80c it only gets to around 18c then i turned it off went back to it 20 mins later then the stack dash was showing oil temp at 40 and the bosch sensor was now showing 28 . but if you just let the engine run it wouldnt get past 20 and what else is strange is the fuel temp is pretty much the same as the oil temp
  5. with the dash showing 40c the resistance of the bosch sensor is 0.875 on the oil temp and 1.000 ohms on the fuel temp but I have no other way of measuring the fuel temp at those ohm readings the oil temp is reading 28c and the fuel temp is reading 21c. and voltage wise the temp is going high to low were as the pressure goes low to high
  6. will measure the resistance on them later when I'm at the car. I can't even say it's the wiring as the pressure part of the sensor shares the 5 volt and sensor ground and that works fine
  7. ive connect them to an temp 3 and an temp 4 and on the standard bosch ntc calibration there reading incorrect when the engine temp is around 70 they were both reading around 15. the pressure sensor part of the sensor is wired to an an volt channel using the 150 psi ti calibration and works fine i will try your calibration table and see what it reads then
  8. hello ive fitted the above sensor to monitor fuel and oil pressure and temp ive found a calibration page for the temp part of it and it states the values with a 4.6k pull up resistor how do i go about adding the pull up resistor to the wiring to get it reading correct. do i just use the resistor to bridge between the 5v and the temp signal wire thanks
  9. https://drive.google.com/file/d/162dcxn9d8BR6UwVdkK9h3rCfEGzFYH4d/view?usp=sharing
  10. its now running the best it ever has when warm and apart from a bit idle oscillation here is the latest log and map with the above suggestions implemented. xr3 cold start map.pclr
  11. this is a log with all the above suggestions done its much better and stable when warm just hunts a bit warming up. excuse the start i forgot to rev it to turn the battery light out
  12. done all the above and its now much better when warm it still dances around when warming up but when warm its a stable idle ive block changed the fuelling when it was warm so will wait till it cools and take a log of it starting and warming up from cold and report back
  13. good spot i dont know why thats active ive never had that active or put any setting on in my life
  14. ok i will try it but when i changed the cam wire round the correct way it had no effect on the original problem it was still dropping to zero every few seconds it only stopped dropping out when i disabled idle ignition control. from cold it run fine untill it hit 26c then it started doing it so at a guess it appears its something that turning on based on temp. here is the log of when i first rewired the cam the correct way and ignition idle control still active.
  15. yes i will turn it back on and alter the idle ignition table but im also guessing my above idle ignition control settings are incorrect
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