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  1. I'm interested in this dash is it all ok now any issues since ? Cheers
  2. I had a similar issue with my fury when I logged and downloaded nothing would show of value. After traction control not working I just took it that logging didn't have enough capacity to properly do so....
  3. muzzytt

    Lom length

    Thanks for that Adam . I will be running high impediance Bosch 2200 injectors. Cheers
  4. muzzytt

    Lom length

    I just upgraded to a thunder for my new race car. It came with a 5 meter loom. Just want to know if any issues running long looms compared to shorter. Cheers Muz
  5. I tried using that vems on my fury and didn't work very well at all. Got erratic readings from them
  6. I thought i would update this thread. I ended up buying 4 frequency dividers. For reasons unknown they didnt work. Sometimes worked sometimes not . I tried everything new wires triple checked but just couldn't get reliable signals into the ecu. So i have given up tc is not going ti work on the fury if you have more than 12 teeth on your abs rings as simple as that just a headache trying to band aid a solution to this. Best option is to sell The fury and buy the thunder
  7. Yeah was weird as car was running fine until it hit boost 4500rpm then sounded like a mad misfire.. To think these settings caused that would have been hard to detect because of it feeling like a mis fire.
  8. So if the tuner misses this setting is it a fault on their behalf?
  9. http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii314/Muzzytt/20170724_094404_zpsfjc1pjbc.jpg
  10. I don't know if this is a glitch in the base map but when you load this map into the fury or thunder the injector settings come up as in the picture. This has been identified as Danny's problem. Should a link dekar not know about this? Does a tuner not go through these settings? I also not this base map says plug in.. Is there supposed to be another base map for wire in ecu?
  11. Mine is at 8ms too dunno why yours was at 12?
  12. Jo just to share my experience My values are similar to what you call bad. my offset is 173 my vvt cam solenoid is set to 175hz in the aux output
  13. the analogue volt channel in the drop down menu what do i select . thx
  14. I bought this 5k pot from jaycar the terminals have no markings on them any idea what i wire the %V gnd and output wires to ?
  15. Would be interestedl to know. The old vipec used to have worksheets on how to wire them up. Don't see them anymore.
  16. When we had the vipec there used to be pdf files showing what is what can't seem to find them anymore
  17. In saying that mine still uses the supra fuel pump ecu. I'm either case I don't think using ground or power switching like mine should cause of to continually run.
  18. I think the settings in pre crank prime would be the main focus here?
  19. Something like this ok? 1K 2K 5K 10K 22mm Diameter Pots Rotary Potentiometer Converter Governor Inverter Resistance Switch http://s.aliexpress.com/eIzQf2ya (from AliExpress Android)
  20. Hi mate I want to use it for turning boost up to maximum down to minimum (gate pressure) Cheers
  21. I want to get one of these switches but there is so many 50k ohm 10kohm 25k ohm which will work? Thanks
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