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  1. Yeah my map is shit at the min, everytime i go out im changing things on the fly, and have been for 12 months with this issue. I checked lifter preload and there's heaps, im working on a fix to go solid, i might try fix preload in the meantime. Ive got decent breathing and no oil leaks, ive had the manifold and head off double checked everything and still same issue. My deadtimes are completly wrong so ive been working on fixing that aswell. Its a series 2 v6 buick motor, gt35/40 turbo, 1600cc morans, e85, ls1 coils, c4 transmition powering a 1580kg vt commodore. Its being tuned on the track n
  2. Its logged under something else, its an ecu log file so not all things logged. No fuel pressure but. This is a pic of injectors after 6 passes at track. Im getting a black sticky buildup on injectors 5 and 6 everytime. Any injector in those cylinders do same thing
  3. i havnt updated to the new version yet but im having issues on windows 8 that pclink crashes if i let my laptop sleep then start it back up? loosing a lot of logfiles
  4. lean spot.pclr ECU Log 2017-02-11 2;51;57 pm.llg
  5. Ive gone from single pump to double and dual fed rails bigger reg ect so dont think fuel pressure is an issue but ive just hooked up a sensor because i had one anyway and cant hurt to check
  6. So ive leaked down no5 and 25% so not bad, cleaned injectors and tips were black on cyl 5 and 6, 5 being the worst. Ran it on weekend and cyl 6 drops out during the burnout stays at 300, during the run 5 and 6 are down 100 deg as it gets in to revs, kept pulling fuel and made no difference really struggled to get mixtures in the 11s. Ill post the log later
  7. High 900s. It does it when i pull 10lb of boost out of it as well. lean while there is extra unburnt fuel going past the 02? Idle is terrible with the moran injectors and hardly concerned about that atm Coils are all individual from ecu, coil ground to front of head, ecu ground to back of head. i now have capacitors on the trigger wires incase it was noise. positive is a heavy gauge cable splitting off just infront of coils
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