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  1. With the latest software release ( there is a Fahrenheit display error in the hysteresis. It is displaying absolute temperature instead of the relative temperature. In other words, if you set the hysteresis to 2C and then switch to Imperial, the software reports 36F. It should display 3.6F. Another example is setting the hysteresis to 10C and then switching to Imperial, which then reads 50F. It should show about 18F. I haven’t had a chance to test the effects of this, but would assume it’s simply a conversion problem, not a functional problem? Ron
  2. Not sure I follow you. Per the help file, I first calibrated the FPS and then the TPS. Are you saying that you did it the other way around and that fixed your problem?
  3. Good news. I think we got it. You were right - the idle base position was nearly 60%. Fixing that table closed the throttle plate. RE: Error 73, my assumption is that the new software/firmware fixed it and I either needed to cycle the ECU again, or perhaps I just overlooked something. Hopefully that's the case and I don't have an intermittent 73. Time will tell. Thank you for the help! Ron
  4. Something interesting has happened, but I don’t know if it’s good or bad. I plugged the laptop in to make the idle changes that you requested. While doing this I noticed the TPS was reading 60% (same as when in set-up mode). I checked the software and it was NOT in set-up mode I checked the throttle plate and it was at about 60%. I cleared the ECU codes and error 73 did NOT return. I operated the FPS and the throttle plate responded. Two things that I see wrong with this is that you have explained to me that the throttle plate is not supposed to be functional until the ECU sees engine RPM.
  5. Simon, I see what you're saying and that makes sense. I wasn't sure if those values were in percent, but now I know. I'll knock those values down and give it a try tomorrow. However, even at the current 15% settings I wouldn't expect a fully open throttle, which is why I wasn't too concerned about those numbers. For the record, this is my first go at an E-Throttle of any kind. It would be best if you assumed I knew nothing about it. That said, are there any threads you can point me to that would help me understand the Vi-PEC specific settings and control methods? Perhaps if I had a bette
  6. Ignore my previous question. I installed the new software and firmware. Cleared the codes. Still have the same two problems - Error 73 and runaway throttle on engine start up.
  7. Thanks! Should I update the firmware with my current software or should I use the new software to update the firmware?
  8. I did some further testing tonight. I can say with fair certainty the thing that 'triggers' the runaway throttle is starting the engine within a second or so of the master switch being on. If I wait for 5 seconds or so before starting it never is a problem. I have two issues with the E-throttle at this time. The original error 73 which is keeping me from controlling the throttle with the FPS (unless in setup mode) and this runaway issue. Any ideas?
  9. Simon, Per your request I attempted to do some logging. The results aren’t what I expected, but hopefully there will be a clue in here for you… With the laptop plugged in and recording, I attempted more than 10 start-ups. The rpm’s never raced. Everything seemed normal. In frustration, I unplugged the laptop and on the first start up the engine raced. I plugged the laptop back in, started recording and started the engine a few times more… no problems. Again, I unplugged the laptop and started it up and again it raced. So I thought about the differences between the two scenari
  10. Today something new happened with the E-Throttle. I had just finished up making some smaller exhaust tips to quite things down a bit and decided I wanted to hear how much difference they made.... I started the engine and the motor accelerated to my 4000rpm rev limit nearly instantly, as if the throttle was held wide open. I quickly shut it down. I had a look at the engine and made sure there were no vacuum leaks of any kind and that the throttle was closed. I started it again and it idled normally. I shut it off and restarted it. Again it raced to 4000rpm instantly. I shut it down, got
  11. The simple answer is yes. The odd thing that it does in set-up mode is when I activate it, it opens the throttle about 60% (and the TPS shows 60%), but the throttle plate responds to the foot pedal as you would expect. Also, I noticed a new error code 71 has popped up now that I've got it running.
  12. I got it running. Still getting the same error and the throttle blade is still non-responsive to the FPS.
  13. Yes, I'm running 5.0.3. I'm hoping to be ready for the first start up this weekend. I'll give it a try then. Thanks, Ron
  14. I gave that a try. The error came back immediately.
  15. I’m setting up my E-Throttle for the first time. Following the steps in the help file, the FPS appeared to calibrate perfectly, as verified by the runtime values. When I attempted to calibrate the TPS, it also ‘passed’ (reported no errors and appeared to move 0 to 100% at the appropriate time, with the TPS gauge following in sync). However, when returning the E-throttle enable back to “ONâ€, I get an error 73: “Aux 9/10 supply errorâ€. I checked the runtime voltage of 9/10 per the help file, which it states it should be roughly the same as battery voltage. It is not. Battery voltage
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