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  1. 20 hours ago, Adamw said:

    You guys are pussies. Lol.  

    Here's mine.



    keep in mind the sensor location and exhaust volume will have a large impact on the amount of gain you can get away with and the update rate.  My sensor is right in the turbine exit so responds to changes in fueling quite quickly.

    The current software may not allow numbers as big as mine, I am running a beta version which has some updates to CLL but it should be available soon.


    I just have my trim limit table set to zero trim in the high-vacuum region.

    Thanks Adam

    can you explain why you setup like this?

    i really interest to understand

    thanks in advance


  2. 16 minutes ago, Vaughan said:

    Typically update rate is smaller (like 1Hz) at lower rpms and faster (like 10Hz) at higher rpms, Gain control typically has a smaller gain at smaller lambda errors and a larger gain at larger lambda errors (for my car I use 2,3,6,6,6,6 but have a play to see what suits your car)


    Thanks for your answer,

    i will test your setup

    before  i test also this setting


  3. Hello,

    i have Subaru plug in G4X with Link CAN Lambda

    can you help me for setting correctly Lambda Closed loop.

    For correct setting of "Gain Control Table" and "Update Rate TAble"

    Thanks in advance for your help



  4. Hello

    today i try to connect & Configure LINK CAN Lambda to Plug iN G4X Subaru

    i follow instruction on help for setup can but some problem when i connect CAN LAmbda , i am on step for CAN Devices for find Lambda CAN

    i join pictures

    also i have error message " CAN is not supported by firmware version ..."

    i already use last version


    CAn error link.jpg

    error can lambda wrx.jpg

  5. On 5/11/2020 at 9:19 PM, Vaughan said:

    error 8 & 9 area debug thing which show if a value has been set higher or lower than it's expected range, update to the latest firmware and clear fault codes. (They no longer cause a fault code in the newest release)

    That error window is because you can't calibrate a sensor that is too far out, if the sensor is more than 5kpa different from BAP then it is considered to be either faulty or set to the wrong calibration.

    Thanks Working well

  6. On 5/6/2020 at 12:27 AM, Adamw said:

    The CAN lambda uses the Bosch factory calibration resistor which is inside the connector, no need for any calibration.

    Hi Adam,

    I changed Lambda sensor and problem is fixed.

    thanks for help

    regards ludovic

  7. 6 minutes ago, Adamw said:

    The CAN lambda uses the Bosch factory calibration resistor which is inside the connector, no need for any calibration.

    ok thanks

    i will try new sensor and keep you update

  8. 2 minutes ago, Adamw said:

    Error 24 means the sensor pump current is outside of the expected range.  It would most likely be caused by either a bad connection on the sensor side of the CAN lambda or a failing sensor.  I would probably replace the sensor as the first step. 

    ok thanks

    i will try new sensor lambda lsu 4.9<

    how to do calibration sensor?

  9. 13 minutes ago, Adamw said:

    Check the runtime parameter "Lambda 1 Status" and Lambda 1 Error, that will give us some clues to the problem.


    Hi Adam

    thanks for your answer

    i join copy of your request


  10. Hello

    Since one week i have some trouble with my LINK CAN Lambda.

    it is very strange, during idle and running CAN running correctly and sometimes  CAN Lambda STOP to work and value is blocked to 10.1

    very strange , I check all connection and sensor.

    i not understand, can you help me?

    if i change Lambda sensor , i need to calibrate system? how to calibrate?

    thanks in advance




  11. On 4/22/2020 at 11:50 PM, Adamw said:

    No, I used to think the same - it would be easier to use MAP for the VVT load axis as then it has more relationship to your VE table and it would then be easier to account for the change in VE due to cam position.

    But, as I have been doing more VVT recently I have learnt that theory is not true and it is better to use TP for the VVT load axis.  The reason is that cam timing significantly affects the MAP, so if you have MAP as an axis on your VVT table, then in some situations you get the cam becoming unstable bouncing backwards and forwards because it is both affecting MAP and controlled by MAP.

    Hi Adam,

    Do you think same for MIVEC to keep axis TP?

    Best regards

  12. 22 minutes ago, Adamw said:

    The pre-crank prime is time based so this is influenced injector size.  You could start with the values in the base map and remove about 25-50%. 

    The crank enrichment is based on a percentage of the main fuel table so this doesnt usually need changing for injector size.   

    These comments assume your fuel is petrol which is what the base map was set up for.  If you are using Ethanol then these settings are out the window and you will need to determine them on your own.

    Thanks  Adam for your advice

    correct for moment i am with petrol fuel


  13. On 3/30/2020 at 12:32 AM, Simon said:

    Fury will be up on the web site as soon as it is.

    Thunder is a much longer wait.

    ok thanks for information

    i will wait fury X for order

    keep me in touch when is ready to order

  14. On 2/8/2020 at 10:06 PM, Ducie54 said:

    Your dead time values are incorrect.

    What dead time values are you using? You should be looking at IDC% to see if injectors are maxed out NOT the 150 number in the main fuel table as there are so many variables.


    i used the dead time ASNU 1500cc give me


  15. Hello

    I have some problem for setting correctly new injectors ASNU 1500 cc.

    I explain you, i have Mitsubishi Lancer evolution 9 with tune engine with ECU LINK G4+ plug in.

    Before my car was running with injectors ID1300X with fuel Pressure 3.5b, on modelled multi fuel.

    with fuel e85 i was limit on boost fuel map was alredy number 150 on fuel map.

    I order new injectors to my firend. He order ASNU Injectors 1500cc.


    i start to install and made setting of new Injectors. i start from Fuel pressure 3.0b for 1500cc setting

    Now my car not running well, idle is not stable and all time pumping.

    on fuel map at idle car was really lean and i need to put +20 value for correct lambda

    i not understand why

    can you help me on setting of this injectors

    best regards



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