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  1. works well thanks for help
  2. thanks a lot for your help i test tomorrow
  3. Hello Do you think possible with the firmware will be ECU calculate the consumption of fuel? We enter the capacity of fuel we put on car and the ecu calculate how much is used? Motec & Magneti Marelli have this function. thanks in advance
  4. i set up on target boost 150 for 1,5 bar target boost table is kpa for Map or MGP? i think about MGP value i will test tomorrow
  5. dear all i try to set up the closed boost control I follow help in tutorial. i test today but the boost not follow the request target and no give any duty to wastegate. when i ask on base map 17 duty in reality on logging i have 0 duty do you know why strategy no work???? i post copy of the map also print screen of logging of the test
  6. Hello, i want set up correctly the closed loop control for the boost. My car is mitsubishi lancer evo 9 with plug in link g4+ and use Grimspeed boost solenoid i want setup 3 mode of pressure Today i finished to setup the different wastegate duty on open loop for the different mode. tomorrow i will activate the closed loop, i start to setup the closed loop following the tutorial help somebody can check my setup if i not made mistake or if you have some advice about the set up before i test tomorrow i joined one picture of the setting. thanks in advance lu
  7. thanks for information i will do some test
  8. Dear Adam Thanks a lot for your answer I will start to prepare one with Map axis
  9. Dear all, i have some question about tunning Mivec system on link 4+ plug in. i have not so much experience about tunning Mivec on link ecu I have more experience on OEM flash tunning. when i open base map from link ecu on mivec the ramp is direct (0 at 1000 tr/min to 27 at 1500tr/min) also axix is TPS by RPM, If i compare with std ecu tunning axis for mivec is load by rpm and the ramp is more smooth i join some pictures can you advice me one good explainantion or your feedback for find good base map to start tunning and what is the good axis for tunning mivec
  10. thanks i will test tomorrow
  11. Dear All i want start to use function Closed Loop Lambda Auto Mode on my car i use CAN Lambda LINK controller on my car. i search some advice or feedback for good setting about "closed loop lambda gain table" and "Closed loop lambda rate table" on auto mode do you some good setting or feedback for this setup? thanks a lot best regards Ludovic
  12. sorry i forgot to explain issue. i need to have 5 or 6 time long action on starter before engine start , it crank and crank but not fire
  13. Dear All, I am running on my Mitsubishi Lancer evo 9 with Plug in Link g4+ I have one problem with my car, i have no good fire up on cold condition with E85. i leave in mountain area during winter air temp is around 0 degre somebody can help me to solve the problem? I am in modelled multi fuel equation i join picture on my set up Thanks in advance
  14. Dear all, i will use modelled fuel from ECU g4+ from my Mitsubishi lancer evo9, turbo pressure 1.65b, flex fuel e85 I search some information and experience from you about lambda value (max power lambda value) for pump gas and e85 for turbo engine For pump gas Stoich ratio is 14.7 / lambda 1. For cruising i will use lambda 1 and for full boost 1.65b i will use 0.73 lambda For e85 Stoich ratio is 9.8 / lambda 1, for cruising i will use lambda 1 and for full boost 1.65b i dont know yet may be around 0.8 lambda do you have some test what is the best lambda value for e85
  15. Dear Adam Thanks for your answer, i will test and keep you contact regards Ludovic
  16. Hello, I start news project, i bought Link ECU Storm and i want install on my Ford Focus Rs mk1 model year 2004. Do you have some base map just for start with correct trigger setting? My engine is 4 cylinders in 2000cc. The trigger crank is 36-1 teeth. but i don't know for setup of CAM Trigger. Can you help me? regards Ludovic
  17. HI Adam, About the brake is ok , i already prepare. For moment i am full oem in my car, my idea is to use switch for activate Is not possible to use the idle valve for send more air inside? best regards
  18. Dear All I search some help for set up Anti lag system on my Evo 9 Do you have basic set up for start with std configuration? thanks a lot regards
  19. Dear All Happy New Year every body I finished my map on the traditionnal fuel mode I want swap on Modelled fuel equation map because after i want use gasoline and ethanol fuel. I miss some information for start correctly the set up of modelled fuel equation mode My car set up is : PTE injectors 1000cc, fuel pressure is std, i connect also one Ethanol content sensor to my G4+ Plug In, i have all time information fuel temperature and % of Ethanol I miss this information : Fuel Charge Cooling CoefficientMin Effective Pulse WidthCharge Temp Correction TableCan you help me for set up this parameter
  20. Dear All I ordered one ECU plug In for my Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX. I download PC Link software but i not find inside base map for Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX with Mivec system You have just Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 without Mivec Is it possible to send me base map for my car with Mivec? I want prepare the base map Regards Ludovic
  21. Dear Scott, Thank you very much for your answer and your advice. i will try. do you have basic mapping setting for knock control for subaru for help more? Regards
  22. Dear All I have just finish my mapping on fuel SP98 of my car My car is subaru Gc8 with engine 2.5l manage by Vi-pec v88, injectors 1300cc. I just connect knock sensor to my vi-pec v88 My knock sensor is bosch sensor Some body can help me for make basic setting on the knock system? Best regards Ludovic
  23. Dear Dave Thank you for your answer. Normaly yes i made setting. my plan is made E85 after fuel unlead i join to my pcl can you check fuel pressure is 3b or 43.5 psi regards ludovic V88 Base Map P1 SP98 2000CC.pcl
  24. Dear all i start my mapping on my subaru. But i had one problem. Now i use injector dynamics 2000cc. The idle is not stable i try change fuel mapp but nothing . it was stabe when the car is rich nearly at 12-11 AFR but i want 14.7 at the idle impossible. the idle jump up (1500 rpm) to low ( 700rpm) before i use 1000cc bosch and never i had problem the idle was perfect. can you help me? some idea? regards
  25. Hello my ame is Ludo and i am new on Vi-Pec ECU. I order to the french dealer one Vipec V88 for my subaru Impreza P1 and i will receive it soon. I have some question for you: i want install DBW system from Subaru Impreza hawk EJ25 year 2006-2007 model can you help me for the wiring? do you have the wiring OEM of the pin out of the plug of pedal and the plug of electronic throttle regards
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