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    Bud got a reaction from Vaughan in G4 X CAlibration MAP sensor 4b Omni error & Error Code 9   
    Thanks Working well
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    Bud got a reaction from Rally037 in Supercharged Lancia 2 litre base map needed   
    In case i have one base map from Lancia delta Hf integrale 8v from link G4 or vipec ecu
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    Bud got a reaction from Grant Baker in Plug in G4+ for modelled fuel and knock control on Mitsubishi Lancer evo 9   
    Dear All
    Happy New Year every body
    I finished my map on the traditionnal fuel mode
    I want swap on Modelled fuel equation map because after i want use gasoline and ethanol fuel.
    I miss some information for start correctly the set up of modelled fuel equation mode
    My car set up is : PTE injectors 1000cc, fuel pressure is std, i connect also one Ethanol content sensor to my G4+ Plug In, i have all time information fuel temperature and % of Ethanol
    I miss this information :
    Fuel Charge Cooling Coefficient Min Effective Pulse Width Charge Temp Correction Table Can you help me for set up this parameter ?
    Also i have one question concerning the Knock control. OEM ecu the knock is connected
    I want to know if it is same on Link G4+ Pluig In?
    This function is available? i can use knock control fonction?
    Best regards
    Ethanol Content Sensor
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