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  1. Great news update She starts, she revs cleanly and she idles Thanks everyone ! new timing light and lots of white paint on the pulley to ascertain which coil is triggered where in the cycle were key to getting it running thanks again for the help now to solve the coils triggering on power on via ignition switch and relay, the ecu serial is 500398, any ideas on this ?
  2. Hi, here is a bit of an update on this The crank and cam sensor appear to be reading correctly ! - please see screenshot of the trigger scope We now have spark consistently throughout the crank cycle and the ecu is calculating dwell - previously this was absent encouragin noises are heard but the car doesnt actually start and run, attached are the map and the pc log (hope i have enough parameters for you, please shout out what needs to be included) Feels like something else is missing in the settings, is there anything that needs doing around the sync tooth ? I have
  3. Hi, here is an update on the crank trigger wiring so here we have the trigger scope capture with what i believe to be the correct crank trigger wiring and following your trigger settings screen shot the "trigger scope capture" and "zoomed in trigger scope capture" are the same settings and wiring which to me looks correct the cam synch is every second crank revolution, the engine compression effect can be seen in the crank if the crank wires are swopped the result can be seen in the "wiring reversed on crank trigger...." file whats interesting here is that the cam signal di
  4. cool thanks for looking over the logs and info, we did swap the wires over to see if any difference, will put them back they were and try again, i did also try with just a 60-2 crank trigger and no cam just see if any activity could be seen from coils under cranking and nothing was seen either, is it possible that the ecu unlock process wasnt correct ?
  5. Hi All, looking for some help please on a G4x install with on a VW VR6. The head scratcher at the moment is the ignition coils fire perfectly off ign1,2 and 3 under test, the ignition is set to wasted spark, however the coils never spark when cranking, we have bypassed the coil power relay and running direct to battery positive and ground, and the problem persists, this leads me to think its the triggering thats not triggering the coils. The trigger scope looks good using either holden v6 pattern or missing tooth 60-2, I have fiddled with all combinations of rising / falling, pul
  6. my bad at mental math's conversions, thanks for pointing out the error in my math's, saved me from trying to use that, external 3 bar map sensor on its way
  7. thanks 28kpa is perfect, that would make it a 2 bar sensor, 1bar positive pressure, only aiming for .6bar thanks, yeah I was trying the bosch part code......
  8. Hi Help please Wiring a LS3 up and it has as oem a Bosch Map sensor 0 261 230 146, this LS3 is going to be boosted......so I am trying to find out / figure out if the oem sensor is boost capable, before splashing out and getting a 3 bar external sensor, does anyone have a calibration / value for this existing sensor ? google fu throws up other people asking this same question Thanks for the help
  9. 3bar

    MK3 VR6 Turbo

    Thread resurrection time is this a VW VR6 ? or a different V R 6 ?
  10. awesome thread, great info and work Paul i would be keen on the code as well please
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