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  1. Got the car back and very happy with the setup now. I went from Eboost2 to using the onboard vipec boost control but re-used the turbosmart boost solenoid. I did all the initial settings including setting the targets and setting all the baseline values then provided a brief outline of the setup for the workshop so they knew the basic car setup and had info on what i had pre-tuned. They then did the tune on the dyno and adjusted the values I dialed in to suit the car. I did the guess work then they've adjusted based on what the car needed. This saved a complete "tune" of the tune and a more foc
  2. car is at the tuners workshop getting done, moving from turbosmart eboost2 to onboard boost control from the vipec v44. keen to see how it goes and how the boost control compares
  3. Where in AU are you? My evo 8 is similar and I found on my setup the idle RPM lockout is what causes this. I’ll see what my tune looks like tonight and post up
  4. I used a base project called CAN_recieve and simply modified it to talk to the 4d Display systems screen library and process all the values from my Vipec V44 on Evo 8 setup. The project is known as mcp_can or CAN_Recieve. I found it in google last time and simply used the free library code to get started. CAN_recieve.zip
  5. I’ve been using the plex usdm102 for a while now. Do you want the arduino code that I used ? It will only suit and work on the 3D systems display that I had
  6. thanks all good, I've read the documentation a few times but misunderstood it a little, all good, will have a practice on the weekend, i should be able to pre-set it all up for my tuner and then they can adjust as needed on the dyno
  7. Car going to tuners soon to setup onboard boost control using the turbo smart Eboost solenoid. Will do initial open loop setup then switch to closed loop. 18psi spring with HKS 7460 on evo 8, 2.3L. Reasonable to set the open loop to say 20psi then when that is stable do closed loop and target 26psi? Is the difference between initial open and final closed an issue?
  8. I’ve got oil temp , air temp, oil pressure , wideband and EGT inputs but no motorsport features only launch control
  9. I don’t see why the v44 won’t do proper flex fuel. It’s just using the ethanol % as an input and doing a 3D map based on that or other corrections. Someone else could chime in but I’m sure it would work and it sure it’s been done on v44. I’ve got a v44 on 8 MR FQ and keen to see how you with flex setup
  10. Have you tried changing the pre fuel mode from pre crank to key-on? I had to do this on my 2.3L evo. If you set the method to key-on the ECU pumps in fuel when you key-on (not start) and gives the system enough time to prime and get ready. Then after 2 seconds at key-on, turn key to start and it should start first shot
  11. Can you use an accelerometer instead to detect lateral movement beyond a fixed value when standing still That’s what the Apexi RSM uses , a wired in g-sensor to detect when the car isn’t moving to trigger the “READY” sequence then any lateral movement starts the timer. You could use the same concept using a g-sensor
  12. The factory 26 setup runs twin narrowband and its probably like that for a reason but I’m sure many have done single wideband after the dump pipe. Do you want to be able to independently tune the banks based on their AF/R’s , I.e if you see the last 3 last richer than the first 3 then yes you would need two seperate wideband sensors to give you that level of granularity input. Otherwise an average AF/R is probably ok. I’m sure there are wideband controllers that support dual inputs and provide dual 5v seperate signal outputs which is what you would need if you want to run dual wi
  13. There’s no way to add them. The expansion kit supports but the main board doesn’t have the inputs so it doesn’t appear in the menu. V44 limitation. I’ve got the same problem, v44 on an evo 8 and ran out of inputs - even with the expansion loom
  14. Make sure you check what ECU plug type you have in the car as some evo 8’s have 3 pin block and some have 4 pin blocks. For example, my evo 8 runs the evo 9 vipec because of the plug layout. I think it’s 3 pin blocks whereas the one you have is 4 pin blocks so check what your car has if it’s an evo 8
  15. Hi team, I’ve noticed the v44 has its own global variables that are saved when the car is off. I.e engine starts, knock count etc. is there a way to make your own variable? i want to keep track off I/C spray run time, I.e how many seconds the I/C spray has been used for
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