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  1. I dont think CAN errors on CAN 2 should be a problem since your APS is only on CAN 1 now. But I would suggest as a test you could try just turning off CAN 2 (set mode to off) since CAN bus APS is not very common I dont have enough experience to say for sure CAN 2 isnt the problem. Can you do a short log for me as follows: Start with E-throttle in set up mode and working, start the log recordeing, then switch to ON mode, keep recording until the fault occurs/throttle stops working (this may be immediately), save the log and attach here.
  2. It looks like it maybe the engine fan offset too big (the fan offset stays active for about 1.5 sec after the AC clutch turns off). Try reducing that by about half and see if that helps.
  3. Email tech@linkecu.com for instructions, Im sure they will be happy for you to return it directly.
  4. can you attach a copy of the current tune.
  5. Your scope is fine and in the log it looks like the ecu is happy with the trigger. Sync tooth isnt relevant in this case since no VVT. Have you verified base timing? Your trigger offset of zero would be would be a big coincidence if that was correct. When you say it is not running on cyl 1 & 2 do you have a spark on those cylinders if you put a light on them?
  6. That is normal, the Aux fuel/Aux Ign runtimes only shows status of Aux type functions - such as fuel pump, they will just show off when used for injection or ignition.
  7. So the AEM white wire is connected to AN5 on the expansion harness? And the AEM brown wire is connected to sensor ground? Your log shows AN Volt 5 at 0.15V most of the time which according to the AEM manual isnt possible, so it suggests the gauge is faulty.
  8. As far as I have seen all the contenintal ones and the small VDO one that we sell normally need the pull-up turned on. The Siemens ones sometimes need a stronger external pull-up fitted. I havent come across one where the pull-up needed to be off. There are many no name brands and clones though so I can only speak from my experience. If you are getting a frequency with the pull-up off then it suggests thats what it wants.
  9. For the start up rev & oscilation, try changing these in orange: I think you could also try reducing the idle actuator integral gain further too. This may improve the little oscilation you have when AC turns on/off. Maybe try around 0.03
  10. Shorting it out would cause it to power down so if there were any unstored changes you would lose them but thats about all.
  11. What ecu do you have? I see its a plug-in ECU, but the GTO triggermode suggests it is not in the intended chassis.
  12. If there is no spark when using the ignition test function then there is a wiring problem. Has the original igniter been bypassed?
  13. It is reporting 27-50Hz, a normal reading is 50-150Hz. Anything below 40 or higher than 160Hz is considered a faulty sensor or contaminated fuel.
  14. Adamw

    4age Trigger Scope

    Yes. Set up is in the help file.
  15. Can you save and attach the triggerscope file.
  16. Since this one has wastgate control I suspect it wont have the supercharger clutch function.
  17. You will need to get it running and get a timing light on it to confirm ignition timing. I cant think of any logical reason why the timing would change by 180deg except for a problem with the trigger.
  18. Sorry I missed this one. The G4 firmware had no CAN bus inputs.
  19. We still look a long way off but I have just made some small changes. Can you do a log with this one. 27182750_LA400Kkurosiba21.pclx
  20. The priority would usually have a big affect. What caused the change? has anything been apart? What ecu do you have?
  21. It is probably deadtime/short PW related as idle will be very sensative with injectors this big. As a quick adjustment to get it driving I would just adjust the injector flowrate setting untill it runs better - it sounds like it is too lean so make the flowrate smaller. Just make sure the tuner knows he has to enter the correct injector info before he tunes it.
  22. I would say this is most likely your issue, these injectors dont like sitting dry at all. The first thing I would do is get them out and flow tested. They are a CNG injector and were never designed to have liquid fuel in them. The seal material swells up and the pintles get stuck quickly. Often they are not recoverable. Most sellers of these injectors now have a big disclaimer on them to cover this - keep them lubricated, donot let them dry out etc.
  23. Ethanol content is in the latest revision of the ecu CAN stream but it hasnt made it in to the AIM software yet. If you attach your dash config I can manually add it with a custom stream.
  24. Doesnt need to be running, just ign on with fuel in the sensor.
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