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  1. You will need to get it running and get a timing light on it to confirm ignition timing.  I cant think of any logical reason why the timing would change by 180deg except for a problem with the trigger.  

  2. It is probably deadtime/short PW related as idle will be very sensative with injectors this big.  As a quick adjustment to get it driving I would just adjust the injector flowrate setting untill it runs better - it sounds like it is too lean so make the flowrate smaller.   Just make sure the tuner knows he has to enter the correct injector info before he tunes it.  

  3. 6 hours ago, Reemen said:

    Bosch 2000cc injectors

    I would say this is most likely your issue, these injectors dont like sitting dry at all.  The first thing I would do is get them out and flow tested.  They are a CNG injector and were never designed to have liquid fuel in them.  The seal material swells up and the pintles get stuck quickly.  Often they are not recoverable.

    Most sellers of these injectors now have a big disclaimer on them to cover this - keep them lubricated, donot let them dry out etc.    

  4. The Stoicnometric ratio setting will only effect displayed AFR, not lambda.  So if you are using lambda on the gauge and in PC link then that setting will have little consequence.  

    If you set the calibration back to the built in X-series calibration can you give me a couple of examples of the Lambda displayed on the gauge Vs  Lambda in PC link.  

  5. You realise you have your stoichometric ratio set to 12.0 in the software right?  According to the manual for that controller it displays AFR using a stoichometric ratio of 14.65.  So you either need to set PC Link to match or use lambda as the AEM instructions suggest.


  6. What specific device do you have?  Does it have an analog ground?  Where do you have it grounded?

    Your cal doesnt look correct at all - you have it starting at 0.933 Lambda at zero volts.  Surely it can read below 0.93Lambda - it would be no use for tuning if it didnt?

  7. In ON-Setup mode all safety chcks are disabled.  In ON mode all saftey checks are in place and the throttle will be disabled if any of the requirements are not met.

    In both logs you have a fault "AP(Main) CAN timeout" error, you also have lots of errors showing on CAN bus 2.  Did you get rid on the 2nd instance of AP Main in the user CAN stream that I mentioned earlier for this test?

  8. Aux 9 frequency should be about 500Hz.  Your current setting of 115Hz is not suitable.  

    If you do a short log of some pedal presses with E-throttle set to ON mode I will give more information on the problem.  


    Edit, added later:  I think your problem may be your CAN set up.  You have AP(main) in receive user stream 9 and also in receive user stream 6.  It should only be in one stream as receiving the same parameter from two different sources is ambiguous.

  9. 38 minutes ago, Lloret said:

    Hello, we are trying to calibrate the ETB, but we get error 16: cannot reach target 98.
    We try to configure it with recommended calibration parameters but the same error continues to appear.
    This happens in step 8 of the calibration, after calibrating ap main and ap sub, just when comparing the 2. The ETB begins to oscillate rapidly. We have read that limiting the position of the ETB to 92 could make it stop giving error but we do not know how to limit it right now.
    Do you know how to limit it or what options we have to stop giving that problem?

    Oscilation would indicate possibly the PID is too far out to complete the calibration.  Can you attach your tune.  What throttle do you have?

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