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    PTC temp senders

    Can you attach your tune or a pic of your cal table. I just done a quick bench test and it seems to work ok for me.
  2. That would suggest either the sensor is failing or there is a bad connection.
  3. I have put many of your idle settings back to a more basic setup. Can you do a log with this map, this will give me a better idea of what is going on. 27182750_LA400Kkurosiba20.pclx
  4. You dont want it to latch so that should be off.
  5. The Stoicnometric ratio setting will only effect displayed AFR, not lambda. So if you are using lambda on the gauge and in PC link then that setting will have little consequence. If you set the calibration back to the built in X-series calibration can you give me a couple of examples of the Lambda displayed on the gauge Vs Lambda in PC link.
  6. You realise you have your stoichometric ratio set to 12.0 in the software right? According to the manual for that controller it displays AFR using a stoichometric ratio of 14.65. So you either need to set PC Link to match or use lambda as the AEM instructions suggest.
  7. Yes, that is quite an old one ~2010, but we have always been supplied direct from MAC Valves Pacific - the main distributor. We used to specially order them without the blue paint.
  8. What specific device do you have? Does it have an analog ground? Where do you have it grounded? Your cal doesnt look correct at all - you have it starting at 0.933 Lambda at zero volts. Surely it can read below 0.93Lambda - it would be no use for tuning if it didnt?
  9. In ON-Setup mode all safety chcks are disabled. In ON mode all saftey checks are in place and the throttle will be disabled if any of the requirements are not met. In both logs you have a fault "AP(Main) CAN timeout" error, you also have lots of errors showing on CAN bus 2. Did you get rid on the 2nd instance of AP Main in the user CAN stream that I mentioned earlier for this test?
  10. Either ground would be fine, the signal is digital so ground offset doesnt matter. What frequency is the DI showing?
  11. Aux 9 frequency should be about 500Hz. Your current setting of 115Hz is not suitable. If you do a short log of some pedal presses with E-throttle set to ON mode I will give more information on the problem. Edit, added later: I think your problem may be your CAN set up. You have AP(main) in receive user stream 9 and also in receive user stream 6. It should only be in one stream as receiving the same parameter from two different sources is ambiguous.
  12. Oscilation would indicate possibly the PID is too far out to complete the calibration. Can you attach your tune. What throttle do you have?
  13. Can you explain why the engine RPM slows down so much before the AC clutch output turns on? It looks like maybe the ecu is not controlling the clutch? The RPM falls about 300RPM (pink square) about 2 seconds before the AC clutch actually turns on (pink arrow)? The problem is the extra AC throttle step isnt applied until the Inj 5 is active.
  14. Adamw

    unlock code

    I think only our sales team can get that info. All I can tell you from the info I can see is it doesnt appear to have had an unlock generated for it yet. Shoot an email to sales@linkecu.com on Monday.
  15. What engine and what trigger setting? If ignition sequence has changed it suggests the trigger sync point has changed. For your relays, the normal way to test something like that is to put a jumper wire in place of the relay.
  16. Adamw

    Direct spark / waste

    If the cam signal is lost when the engine is running, with most of our trigger modes it will stay in sync and keep running sequential. Also most of the missing tooth trigger modes will still start and run sequential with no cam signal - just it will take more attempts to get it started as it will sync 360 out approx 50% of start attempts. The problem with your proposal is if you had tuned the engine with sequential fuel and direct spark, then the fuel tune would not be accurate if you changed to batched injection - you would need two different tunes, not just a change of ignition mode.
  17. You will have to experiment to see what gives you the required result with minimal bangs, every engine is different .
  18. Can you update the ecu to the latest firmware, yours is on a very old verion from like 2016 which is before my time but I do remember there was one earlier version where the triggerscope was a bit flaky in the Thunder. 5.6.8 is the current firmware version. Can you also confirm you are clicking the capture button while the engine is cranking.
  19. Can you maybe try explaining how it should work using a table like this:
  20. Ok, to make it more flexible in future I have swapped the dash to a custom CAN stream. In the ECU it is set up to send the standard MXS stream, then the extra channels in user stream 1. If you update your ECU to the latest firmware (5.6.8), then ethanol content and a few extras such as launch status are part of the standard MXS stream. In the dash I have added the CLL correction and launch pot volts. Attached below also is the .xc1 file which is the custom CAN template for RS3. You dont need then for the dash to work but you can import it into the CAN builder tool in RS3 if you want t
  21. Yeah, I reckon there is something wrong with that throttle. I could see earlier the voltages from the TP sensors didnt appear to follow the normal curve, but wasnt convinced since the calibration didnt complete. But now with your new log it is clear there is something wrong. Generally with these throttles the TP sub tops out around 68% while the TP main keeps moving - both of yours cover the full range and have odd open/closed voltages which suggests they have moved past the end of their travel somehow.
  22. The fuel trim is generally used along with the retard value to tune the level of boost you can reach while on the launch limiter. More retard and more fuel means more heat energy in the exhaust which means higher boost. The main thing you need to be careful of with hydraulic lifters - especially with stock valve springs is large and regular bangs in the exhaust. Each bang can lift the valve a little and the lifter fills to take up that extra lash. With each bang the lifter pumps up a little more - until eventually you get to the point that either the valve no longer seals closed enoug
  23. Adamw


    If you dont have a wideband connected, about all you can do is try adjusting the master fuel value up or down until it runs better by ear. If you have a wideband connected then you can attach a short log and we can recommend some adjustments.
  24. Hi Rudi, I have moved your post to the G4+ section. When you do the triggerscope, make sure you only click the capture button while the engine is cranking. Many new users make the mistake of clicking capture before the engine is cranking so you only capture the signals when the engine isnt turning. Can you attach a copy of your current tune. I would also suggest having a look at the runtimes screen while cranking, triggers/limits tab as below (F12 to get this screen). If there is a pulsing signal coming in the trig1 & trig2 signal runtimes will turn green and sa
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