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  1. Pretty similar. Only software/firmware functions different from memory with the storm/V44 plug-ins. V44 had mixture map, configurable CAN bus and possibly 1 or 2 other small differences.
  2. That seems odd. Does the amp have an analog ground that is connected to ecu senosr dround? The main issue is you are using a low accuracy device that is designed for measuring a temp range of ~1200deg but to measure a temp less than 1/10 of that and expect high accuracy. If you only need to measure up to 100degC or it would be suggested to make your own two point calibration by dropping the probes in a cup of ice water and a kettle of boiling water. If you need higher than 100°C then use some other fluid with a known higher boiling point. This will then give you an overall calibr
  3. It Is a Link G4 storm based plug-in. No internal knock control.
  4. Can you check the voltage you are receiving on DI 2 & 3 with AC ON/Off.
  5. A MAP sensor is linear. You only need 2 calibration points. Pick the biggest one and the smallest one from their table. Also, do not use their psi data from their data sheet as that is wrong, the KPa values are correct. The 3.5Bar AEM calibration would look like below:
  6. You said you fuel system has a return line, so assuming your FPR has a reference hose that is connected to the manifold, then fuel system type should be set to "MAP Referenced".
  7. You can still use Inj5, you will just have to add a virtual aux in too. Something like this:
  8. Adamw

    Help showing ethanol %

    You've got both DI2 and DI7 set to ethanol sensor. Turn off DI7 in that case.
  9. The solenoid is not polarity sensative, there is no positive/negative. One pin connects to the ECU aux, the other pin goes to an ignition switched +12V source. For the position sensor this is polarity sensitive, the +ve connects to the DI and the -ve to sensor ground.
  10. Adamw

    engine bogs down

    Your log shows the correct ignition timing being commanded. Your engine makes no vacuum. This would suggest a massive leak or the cam timing is very wrong - has the engine been apart? Is the MAP sensor definately a Link 3 bar sensor?
  11. Adamw

    Help showing ethanol %

    This log shows 0Hz on DI7 all the time. A valid flex sensor frequency is 50-150Hz.
  12. Adamw

    Help showing ethanol %

    Attach your map and a log showing this, I will take a look.
  13. In Ethrottle 1 setup menu, change aux 9 active state to the opposite of whatever it is currently set to
  14. Adamw

    Help showing ethanol %

    It is in error condition in that photo so will default to whatever is set as the error value. What is the frequency showing on the flex DI?
  15. Start by setting the basic fundimentals correctly. These are the settings you have in your map.
  16. Ah yes, that is a Schottky which will have very low forward voltage drop at low current. Try a something like a 1N400X. Not that I have seen reported. The switching threshold of 1.5 & 1.0V on our DI's has been the same since G3 ecus about 15 years ago. So is fairly well proven and works well for most sensors. A ground offset of more than 1V is pretty unusual and suggests there is a bad connection somewhere.
  17. Why not? What voltage did you see with the diode connected? No it is hardware, not software adjustable.
  18. I think the most likely problem is the signal is not falling below 1.0V, it looks like it drops to about 1.1V. That would suggest the circuit that generates this signal possibly has a bad ground. Two things you could try; The easiest one would probably be to add a diode inline with the speed signal on pin 41 at the ecu. A diode will drop the voltage by about 0.7V. You could try to trace the ground for the cluster as shown in the diagram below and connect it to ecu ground instead of whatever it is connected to now.
  19. In that case you have done as he suggested. Seems very odd to use a compound ID when only a single frame is being sent so it wouldnt hurt to get him to confirm that that was not a mistake, otherwise the ecu is set up correctly.
  20. For a turbo engine like this with a plenum and single throttle your best option will be MGP on both the fuel table axis and lambda target table axis.
  21. Yes pinout/loom is pretty much the same through all of our wire-in ecu's, the odd small change for say a Fury with internal wideband but usually a direct plug in and go to swap between ecu's. A couple of other thoughts: I have little experience with EZ36, but with most NA VVT engines the exhaust cam isnt worth much in terms of engine performance. Generally it is there more for EGR to improve emissions & economy, rather than increase torque. In fact with some engines I have tuned I can swing the exhaust cam from full advance to full retard with barely a detectable change in to
  22. So are you running the returnless fuel system at 50psi and 900cc injectors that the map is set for?
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