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  1. It sounds like you are not doing a store after making changes? Are you pressing F4 or Ctrl+S after you turn it off?
  2. Adamw

    e85 tuning

    Sorry, I initially posted a screenshot from the G4+ then realized you have a G4. In the G4 the stoich ratio is assumed to be 14.7. This is not as big a deal as it may sound as unlike OEM ecu's this ECU doesnot use a VE based model. Provided your wideband controller outputs a normal gasoline calibration most of it will take care of itself. You just need to tune to gasoline AFR's instead of E85.
  3. This would certainly not be a good idea. For the Hall CAS you can use the 8V out. For the others these should be wired to the main relay, the same source as the ECU. This is so the ECU can measure injector supply voltage and compensate properly. These must switch off with the ignition switch.
  4. Adamw

    More logging memory?

    The hardware is just not in the ECU to allow much or any improvement over what we currently have. It will certainly be high on the priorities for the next generation ECU but that is still some time away yet.
  5. Adamw

    GP Output Question

    JayGow's example is the correct use of a digital input status as a condition.
  6. Hi Jar, Sorry for my slow reply. I just tested this on a live Thunder and see the same problem. I suspect this is probably just a firmware oversight and some functions have been missed from the list. I will talk to the engineering team tomorrow to confirm that and post back my findings.
  7. Adamw

    s15 distributor

    Yes, it appears to have the same guts as the normal nissan CAS so you can continue to use it for engine position. Trigger set up will stay the same. You will need to remove the "ign 1" wire from the 6 pin connector.
  8. The cam teeth look to be the same as our "holden V6 alloytec II" mode, I assume it probably has 60-2 on the crank - this will be inside the crankcase. What we dont know is if the phasing between crank/cam matches the holden mode so we would need to see some sort of scope trace or a drawing of the trigger pattern before confirming. Also note according to google this engine has variable length intake tracts and an electronic thermostat so you might need to research what is needed to control those too.
  9. Hi James, If I remember right you have race type ITB's correct? You will possibly not get it much better - you can only do so much with ignition timing. You dont see race type ITB's on many road engines and most race guys dont mind holding the throttle open a little manually until it warms up... However I think you could possibly rehash that idle ign table to make it a little more effective. I would try something more like this: With a table like this because it will be quite retarded at normal warm idle speeds you will need to open the throttle stop quite a bit more than it currently is.
  10. Normally camshaft angle is closed loop with feedback from a cam position sensor. If you drive one set of camshafts blind with no feedback it is very unlikely they will follow the commanded position very well, at least for any period of time. Maybe for a few minutes they will follow each other but after that variables such friction, clearances, leakage, oil pressure, vibration, solenoid characteristics etc will push the camshafts further and further out of sync.
  11. Adamw

    RPM Limit activated

    The tables that have an RPM axis that stops before the normal redline will just hold the same value from the last cell at any higher RPM so none of those listed are part of your problem. The fastest way to get to the bottom of it is to do a PC Log with all parameters recorded, email that and a copy of your .pclr to Please include a link to this thread so we know what its about. How to do PC log: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_P1LRANeO4A Also if you can do a trigger scope at idle that might give some clues too.
  12. Adamw

    Accel load correction

    Oh yeah, I see what you mean about the % in the load table. I will see if I can get that on the fixit list. I havent seen any odd behavior with the ECU logging or had any similar reports recently, can you send me a copy of your .pclr and I will see if I can reproduce it. Include a link to this thread in your email so I know what it is about.
  13. I just done a quick google to learn a little about this engine and I dont think we could support the vanos on this engine. I assume it is like other BMW's that have two solenoids per cam? - one for advance and one for retard. That would need 8 aux outputs and currently the firmware only allows 4 VVT outputs. The trigger pattern is also unknown. Most likely the crank is 60-2 and one of the cam patterns may match one of the other BMW triggers we support so if you were prepared to loose the vanos you could probably run it fine.
  14. Adamw

    Initial set up

    Yes, just those two inputs will work fine. One thing I would suggest however, leave the two temp inputs set up just like they have sensors connected (i.e. dont turn these temp inputs off). Make sure the error value is set to some typical running value like I have shown in the example below. That will then make the ECU think air temp is 20°C all the time and engine temp is 90°C. This is just so later when you add these sensors and injection you wont have to re-tune your ignition curve much.
  15. All 5v and gnd out pins are internally connected so you are free to mix and match
  16. Adamw

    Accel load correction

    They are all multipliers. So in your example there will be 25.5 times more fuel added.
  17. DI Value1=On is the correct function you want. You then assign which DI you want this function to watch in the next field down. In the example below my aux out will turn on when DI5 is on:
  18. yes, your problem is the candash cable has the rs232 wires connected so it will drop out pc comms. We normally recommend the #CANF plug instead. the easy fix for you is just move your CANPCB cable to the second CAN port (which doesn't have rs232 pins). Note depending on how old your mates map was that may also cause you some problems. In the latest revision Evo plugin some outputs were shuffled around to allow for ethrottle. Compare his map to our supplied base map. From memory it's mostly the tacho pin is now on ign 5 or 6 (used to be on aux 4 in older versions)
  19. Adamw

    Initial set up

    Hi Stu, Yes you certainly can run just ignition only and add injection later. You can email if you need any help.
  20. Hi Paul, If you want your Haltech dash to work with a G4+ then we would certainly like to have a go at setting it up. You can PM me to arrange it.
  21. I can certainly put that suggestion forward. I suspect it's probably more a locale related thing. NZ and AU are our biggest markets and most of us know these engines as "Holdens". The biggest thing that does my head in with our trigger mode list currently is it not being in alphabetical order... I have already asked if we can improve that.
  22. Adamw

    evo9 p&p

    Hi Amin, The unstable RPM suggests you have a trigger error. Has the engine been apart? I have seen this when the chopper disc on the crankshaft has been installed back to front or when the phasing of the cam disc is out due to aftermarket cams, sprockets etc. Can you do a trigger scope at idle and post that and a copy of your .pclr here so I can compare it to the expected pattern. Also, in our latest Evo 9 basemap there is a mistake, the pullup resistor on DI1 is turned off. It is meant to be turned on so please check yours is turned on and if not turn it on (this is not related to your
  23. Our LS2 trigger mode is for the GM "58X" pattern. For the earlier 24X engine you would use one of our LS1 trigger modes.
  24. In simplistic terms it goes something like: value in fuel table/100 (the 100% TP cell in this case) multiplied by (MAP/100), multiplied by (1/lambda target table), multiplied by fuel master. So a couple of quick examples: Fuel table number in 100% cell = 50, 80KPa MAP, 1.0 lambda target, 10ms master = 0.5 x 0.8 x 1 x 10 = fuel pulsewidth = 4ms Now if we come to a hill or increase boost - same fuel table cell: Fuel table number in 100% cell = 50, 120KPa MAP, 0.8 lambda target, 10ms master = 0.5 x 1.2 x 1.25 x 10 = fuel pulsewidth = 7.5ms So can you now see that even though we are on the same
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