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  1. There doesnt appear to be anything obviously out of place in the log. If the idle RPM is higher than it was previously that suggests there is an air leak.
  2. Has it been tuned and was it previously running ok? Stock O2 sensors wont do anything unless you have already tuned it and set up closed loop lambda in stoich mode.
  3. Injectors, coils, idle valve, vvt and vtec, can all be cut from factory ecu and connected to the Link. Crank, cam, ect, iat, MAP & TPS signal will have to be shared with both ecu's. All the sensors that are powerd by 5V are probably best left with the 5V and ground from the factory ecu and only the signal connected to Link. AC request and AC clutch will have to stay connected to factory ecu since I think that is controlled via multiplex. AC idle up will no longer work.
  4. There is one of my G4+ maps for a E46 that you can grab here: Otherwise, you can use the built-in "Mini R50-53" stream which will give you about an 85% working dash.
  5. As far as I know the speed signal comers from the speedo and is a square wave so should work from low speed. Can you attach your map.
  6. Yep, you wont need ecu hold power. You will probably still need to use that ign switch wire to trigger the main relay though.
  7. According to your diagram, only two of the pins are connected. You will need to check resistance of the solenoid to see if it can be driven directly by ECU. If the resistance is higher than about 7ohms it will be ok, if it is lower than 7 ohms you will need a solidstate relay to control it. Aux 19 or 20 arent capable of GP PWM so it will be best to use Aux 1-8. Only one aux is required, the other side will be connected to 12V.
  8. Correct, it cant work with the mix of new/old cam/crank, they need to be a matched pair.
  9. You've got pretty low voltage on the cam sensor and a few trigger errors showing. Try adjusting the trigger arming thresholds as per the examples below. And I would suggest pulling a plug out to check for spark rather than relying on just the timing light flash, that is not always conclusive.
  10. Youve still only got 7.7V battery voltage showing on the last screenshot. You need to fix that so it doesnt disconnect when cranking. It should not drop below about 10.5V if everything is good.
  11. So what is the background to this car that would explain the CAS not working? Has it run recently? has the wiring been changed or messed with recently? I guess the first check is confirm there is 12V on the CAS pin indicated below.
  12. Adamw

    ECU Unlock fails

    There is no record of any dealer requesting an unlock for that serial number.
  13. All of them had CAN bus, but ecu's with serial number <10000 need a small hardware mod to make it work. This is a free service if you return the ecu to NZ.
  14. As dx4picco suggests, the V5/6 ecu can work with the cam/crank either way around - you just need to set the switches to match. The G4+ has a triggerscope built in, please do a triggerscope at idle or when cranking and attach here and I can tell you if it is set up correctly or not. Ho to do the triggerscope: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AiYbYlZQuRHPmidU5V2CmTcv6t2y?e=buto8q
  15. If you have a speed sensor you can set up a virtual aux to activate launch control whenever say speed < 5kmh and TPS > 50%. Unlikely. What ecu do you have? What engine/trigger?
  16. A couple of things to fix. Your MAP sensor is reading wrong. It should read the same as the BAP sensor when the engine is off. I suspect your ecu is one of the newer ones with the 7Bar MAP so try changing the MAP calibration to 7Bar, then do the calibration and check that BAP matches MAP. Your battery voltage is only showing 8.5V. The statistics saved in you map suggest RPM was working at least at some stage in the past. Can you go to the triggers/limits tab on the runtimes screen (F12) as per pic below and tell me if trig1 signal and Trig2 Signal show yes when cranking.
  17. FYI, you will find more complete pinouts in the G4X manual or G4X PC Link. Yes, Ign 4 is used for 2 different fans. Evo 4/5/6 has one of the fans on different pins to Evo 7/8, so the 3 pins cover all models. Ign switch is on pin 82. The G4X manual will probably show that. But be aware, if using a wire-in ecu and keeping the stepper motor idle valve you will need to incorperate the proper ECU hold power circuit into your wiring as per the manual. Our plug-in ecu's have this circuit on the adapter board.
  18. The file is attached to the other thread I linked to a couple of posts up.
  19. The map should be much smaller than 2.44Mb, typically about 400kB for a G4X. However, you can share a link using google drive, onedrive, dropbox, wetransfer or any other of the many file sharing options. Google something like "how to share a file with one drive" to learn how to do that.
  20. It's like im trying to extract teeth or something... Im trying to help you in the middle of my weekend, please attach your map so I can take a look and offer the next steps in diagnosing.
  21. Please attach your map. Your triggerscope above still shows no signal but let me see if there is anything odd in your map that could cause that before giving you info to diagnose it.
  22. The factory ecu used MAF to determine load so that works fine. However when you are using MAP to determine load, that doesnt always work so well as the look up for the vvt control. The problem is most apparent at high vacuum cruise conditions, when the cam position has a large effect on MAP - so having MAP also controling the cam position at the same time works against you - you end up with the cam oscillating backwards and forwards as the MAP oscilates backwards and forwards in a self-perpetuating loop. In contrast, TP still has a strong relationship to engine load so is still releva
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