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  1. 1320MINI

    G4+ to G4X

    Thank you for the above, I'll get a copy of the CAN stuff.
  2. 1320MINI

    G4+ to G4X

    Hi Guys, Couple of issues, I've converted to a G4x, I used the CAN stream from the link below. The Standard dash channels all work but the 2 extra Digital channel's don't display on the Dash. http://forums.linkecu.com/topic/7039-digital-input-state-via-can/ Also i was trying to set up a virtual Aux channel but only have the following options,(OFF , Test ON , ON/OFF) The G4+ use to give a list of different options.I was looking to use it as a GP output.
  3. Thank you for the help with this Adam,
  4. Hi Guy's, Not very clued up, but a customer has a ECU master gear and shift light display. I can get the shift lights to work but i can't get the gear to display. The gear is all set on the ECU and display's the correct gear when moving. Can anyone help with the CAN settings.
  5. Adam, is it possible to have a copy of the custom CAN you made to run with the dash . Many thanks.

  6. Hi Adam, Thank you for helping with this, I have the traction control working but don't have the Launch control coming through.
  7. Yes mate. As well as the DI 5 which i have set as Launch control
  8. Just to update, The traction is still active, but when you disable it there is no indication. This is something i would really like to send to the dash. Weather it light a LED and or Display a message.
  9. When you fire the car up the traction control is always on ( if set up in the ECU) Most MINI's have a DSC/ASC button to turn it off. When you remove the rev counter that shows the light that its disabled, its permanently disables the Traction control. So i was wondering if it can still be used on the OEM button and a message through the AIM Dash.
  10. Adam, I'm starting with a fresh file in the ecu, I've set up the basic dash settings and Launch Control. Would it be possible to send a message to the dash regarding: Launch control active Traction Control deactivate. When we run a dash in the MINI the Traction is always deactivated as the system runs through the original Tach which is normally removed. Many Thanks BMW Mini R53 G4+ Xtreme Plugin dash CAN.pclr MXS 1.2 Strada LINK.zconfig
  11. Hi Guy's I'm very new to the CAN system, I run a MINI LINK in my BMW MINI and i'm going to for the LINK AIM Dash. When we have fitted these dash's in the past the Traction Control is always disabled as it runs through the OEM Rev Counter which we replace. Is there any way to show on the dash: When launch control is activated ( currently on DI5) Through an LED and Message Send the Traction Control message to the dash. Can this be done? Many thanks for any help.
  12. If you have non driven wheel speed you could work out how fast 1st gear will take you then set up a virtual AUX to turn on up to a certain MPH while TP is over certain amount.
  13. Guys, Whats the easiest way to get a speed sensor reading to a MINI LINK plugin. The speed sensor is the Borg Waner unit. I have read people were using a external piece to convert the Hz rate.
  14. I had a similar issue a while back and i think the USB drivers on the latest PC were not right. I loaded a older version and connected straight away.
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