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    supply is pulled from ECU control relay on the Nissan car which for the whole ECU control I think 15amp , the wiring isnt anything special regard to take high load
  2. Can anyone help me out with the resting cam positions relative to crank position for this engine Intake & Exhaust when running please , so I can work out cam position when tuning the VVti basically I would like the info on the Inlet cam position when fully retarded like below and the exhaust cam position fully advanced both these figures are when the cams are in the rest position Like this but for a 3GSE engine
  3. running stock Crank Angle Sensor?
  4. I can help , time issue will be diffucult. Will you be getting the car dyno tuned once the car is knocked into shape?
  5. where are you based? What model 350Z please
  6. Thanks @Adamwappreciate your time on this will post my map up once I have the car up and running , this car is what I asked about on the tech email , running piggyback with stock ECU (patch loom from Boomslang) as they think the Can bus is different on the Later HR powered cars , we are having issue with temperature/s inputs into the Link due to the piggybacking of the ECU's still.
  7. @Adamw thanks for this; So the HR uses a different sensor for the phase sensor than the DE engines ( the Cars you make a PnP ECU for) Just trying to understand the Nissan V6 Motors?
  8. @Adamw when you say LH inlet cam are you talking about Bank 1 ( bank with cylinder 1) drivers side? reason I say is the 350Z DE uses INLET RH which I am told is from when you sit in the car?
  9. Any one got a 350Z HR motor running on a Thunder G4+ yet, I have the throttles all set up , engine is in a Zed still but using a Boomslang patch loom that keeps the stock ECU for canbus duties' any info on trigger offset and cam control would be a great help
  10. Intake air temp sender is in the stock air flow meter, this is what we use when we tune with the Link 350Z ECU You can use an REV UP ECU with the DE maps copied across , some we do a lot , due to people swopping out the troublesome REV UP for a DE Engine, we use UPREV software to do this , I presume they have turned off the NATS to use another ECU to get the car running
  11. My view is if this is only a VVT trigger and I presume the VVT doesnt start to work at a high rpm, just looked at your attached CAL (1800rpm) , I wouldn't worry about this issue , maybe the gap to the sensor is a little wide once the speed is raised the sensor can give the correct trigger signal.
  12. they tune real well in an Auto car done a few here @AbbeyMS any questions ask away but only G4+ not the latest X model ECU
  13. I have a IC-7 on a R32GTR , we have changed the speedo (odometer) drive from Cable to electronic using a 33GTR sensor , can make everything work speed on the dash speed will only work using RR Wheel speed -gear position works using either LR or RR but cant get the Odometer to work, seem the Haltech dash uses LR speed that is used for Odometer to be driven. I have doubled up the input for RR and LR with Di3 where the speed signal is inputted Any one else got the Odometer working on and IC-7 dash with a Link G4X ECU Thanks MAP 10 SEMI CLOSED LOOP.pclx
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