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    Flames on decel.

    Create Virtual Aux 1. Add the conditions where only Your overrun CUT might be. You can select 3 parameters which can control VA1. Create GP LIMIT 1. In the GP LIMIT 1 Table Use X axis as VA1. Values 0,1,2. On Y Axis In my example use RPM. But RPM also is in VA1, so duplicating values. Idea of working. When You are off the throttle only in overrun vaccum area VA1 becomes active. State 2. State 1 and 0 is when VA1 is off. In that area GP LIMIT1 works as RPM limiting. On vaccuum in certain area You will get Ignition cuts. Those cuts will add more fuel to the exhaust which will burn and pops will apear. In the main fuel table add more fuel in overrun area. In the main ignition table retard the timing in the overrun are. So now You migth have in the overrun are: Ignition retard, ignition cut, extra fuel. I've never done this way, but theoretically it migth work. On GP LIMIT parameters play with Start Cut and End Cut values. Do it on Your own risk, I'm not responsible for the consequences You might get over this.
  2. mldc

    Fuel Cut Anti-Lag

    I think maybe on Launch Control is useful to have IgnCut+FuelCut strategy. Maybe it would help to raise a little bit of boost and then control the RPM range very precise without huge backfires. ALS is overrun boost control. Throttle closed, boost is maintained. I've recently tuned Rallycross Supercar, Cosworth YB with G4+ Thunder. There is a fresh air ALS valve (Turbosmart ALV), which directly pushes air from intercooler pipe to the exhaust manifold. I've tried without ignition cut and also removed some fuel. No response from ALS was shown. After that I've added ignition cut and also lots of additional fuel. Of throttle boost maintained static what I wanted, and EGT dropped to 700-800C during ALS Extra fuel cools down the overall ALS system. If You have really huge exhaust temperature then lower Your ignition retard. This parameter rises stress on exhaust valves.
  3. Its USBtoCAN device. You must have it to connect to pmu with your laptop.
  4. EcuMaster PMU16 EcuMaster 12 button Can keyboard. Easy to send CAN messages from link to pmu because there is predefined streams. Easy to configure states from pmu to link.
  5. mldc

    evo to dbw

    Yes. You are right. You need external controller for plug in ecu to use dbw. And do wiring as help file says.
  6. mldc

    Launch Control AFR

    You are using "Fuel Cut" as the limit mode. You are getting fuel cut on some of the cylinders when hitting desired launch rpm. Whats doe's it means? Cylinder is compressed without fuel. All the air is going to the exhaust. If limit mode is "Fuel Cut" - You will always see AFR > 14.7 If your engine uses hydraulic lifters and you are afraid to pop them off on the launch - use "Fuel CUT" as you do now. It's has no harm, because no fuel is injected to the cylinder. No combustion occurs. Keep in mind. After launch, when you leave the start line, measured AFR must immediately be as the desired in the AFR target table. Fuel CUT mode are often used in naturally aspirated cars or cars with hydraulic lifters. If it's turbo car and has solid lifters use "Ignition CUT" But be careful, You can stress the engine with huge ignition cut % and lot's of ignition retard. In this mode Your AFR will be leaner, but not that much as the "Fuel CUT" mode. NOTE: Table AFR/Lambda target is in Lambda. Measured mixture is in AFR. Fuel measurement parameter must be the same.
  7. Worked well. Arming and disarming with DI1. Speed Lockout set to 1. (If i leave it on 0 - launch won't engage) Launch disarmed when DI1 goes off. White Ford Fiesta. RPM 6000 1.6 bar in the intake on the start. Don't even need bangs to get these stunning results with Link. Launch Control
  8. Hello, Quick question. 3D Launch RPM table and launch control - I must use speed input to make all functions to work? Our race car can't have speed input by regulations. But I want to use 3D map for different launch RPM which I will change by potentiometer. Now I use standard RPM Limit with second table which I activate with DI it works well but it would be better if i use launch control function.
  9. mldc

    Water Pump PWM

    Hello, Did some testing, results are below. Pump: Any pump CWA50, CWA200 or CWA400 would work with these settings. We use CWA200. Wiring: 1 - wired 12V from the PMU16, 25A channel. 2 - wired Aux high state signal. 3 - wired to ecu signal gnd. 4 - simple chassis GND. ECU settings: 50% on cranking is for waking up the pump. After that, You can use higher values then 50%. If your idle is lower then 1000 RPM, adjust the PWM table axis and values to suit your application. Results: Our race car working temperature is 70 C. In my case You can see that pump is working very slowly till 50 C. It's because I need to warm the coolant up as fast as I can. If You change Aux PWM table values, You could get more linear interpolation. Last chart shows how output current is ramping up as coolant temp warming up. p.s: I have wired coolant pressure sensor. On full power pump is making 0.7 bar of water pressure in the system. These settings are good starting point. Thank You.
  10. It's Thunder. There is plenty of outputs:) Huge thanks Adam Let's close this one
  11. Hello everyone, Bits and peaces left in my wiring harness. It's a race car. I don't have ignition key or charging light.. How system works: "master" switch on, PMU powers up, everything else powers up. Question: Can I use Aux 6 (high side) output to trigger alternator to start charging on startup? After alternator starts charging, trigger wire starts to feedback +12V, so I'm a bit afraid, that I will melt aux output.. I just want to know if my theory would work.. Or maybe You have any other suggestion how to trigger the charging without any lights? Alternator, VAG (similar as photo below) 2 wires: constant +12V and +12V to trigger the charging. Thanks in advance
  12. Thank You all. Will try most of suggestions and after that I'll update this topic with results.
  13. Hello, I would like to run "sensitivity potentiometer" for e-throttle. Idea: I have Target table 1 with low values of the throttle angle. In the Target table 2 i have target values which are changed by potentiometer. ( 8 position) Target table 1 allways on. Target table 2 allways on. Result: I turn the potentiometer and values from target 2 table are added to target table 1 and overall target is combined. Possible / not possible? Photo for reference.
  14. mldc

    Water Pump PWM

    Finally I understand the logic. I will update You with result after wiring and first start. It's really great to have this kind of community
  15. mldc

    Water Pump PWM

    Hmm... I also found the manual for of this pump. There is a requirement that PWM must be 12V and 500mA. You can check it too. Maybe it will be useful for other members too. manual_tinyCWA_manual_version.pdf
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