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  1. Is the link display now working with the g4x ecu
  2. Sounds like it's crashed There is a reset procedure Will have a look from a message I had from link HI Neil, It would be worth trying a firmware reset. To do this hold the enter key/ button down (the one at the bottom of key pad) while powering up the unit. This will reset all settings so you might have to reset the ECU type and any alarms that you ahd set up.
  3. What version is the display link When I got mines overhauled it got the latest pcb which can take can input to the display Mines runs on G4 storm quite happily Does the software not show a display link option
  4. Ecu in picture if that's yours is a G4 not a G4+
  5. Are you still running coil pack on inlet or 4 coil on plug What injector sizes are you running V5-6 are side feed 440cc V7-9 sti are top feed 565cc
  6. Current set is classic gc8 which uses 6/7 timing gears can the current link wrx5/6 ecu run a newage set up as its currently set up for pin out for a classic
  7. Classic timing wheels 92-99 Have different teeth set up think it’s a 6/7 set up newage timing wheels 20000-2006 have 36-2-2-2 teeth set up to suit cam shaft wheel and Avcs set up
  8. To run avcs you will need to fit newage timing wheel to crank to suit camshaft timing wheel And set the ecu for newage timing config then move some pins around as camshaft sensors need to be on di 1 and 2
  9. Can you measure each cylinder for afm if not it’s a guessing game
  10. There is a 10% difference between injectors one the flow for me I would not be happy using them, would try to get other injectors and get the 4 close matching injectors
  11. Turbo charged car ? if change fuel trim for each injector how do you know if it’s richer on that cylinder individual lambdas on each exhaust port
  12. Fair enough My car did have air con but used space for other stuff both my fans come on at same time to cool engine seems to be work fine always been like that even when I was on a G1 link ecu
  13. I just run 1 output for my both my fans will post set up later
  14. Is the can mod easy to ? Or do I need to send it in
  15. That’s the data cable from the storm ecu which goes to female socket of link display when that is unplugged no data on screen
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