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  1. Possible Subaru impreza ver 1 and 2 Possible tuning only by hand controller as no markings on chip
  2. There was someone on here can't find it now doing a can switchboard made into a module with a multi pin plug and socket on it Can anyone find the link to it please
  3. Thanks adam Is there a pin out for this ecu and can connections is that on the can plug on ecu body
  4. Can any of the experts tell me if can can used on this ecu for additional outputs/inputs ie toucan display or additional i/o module
  5. If serial number less than 10000 then it won't work as there is a mod requires to be done to board Link can advise
  6. Been running a G4 storm with no knock input available to ecu and my subaru is fine no issue and was running 1.7 bar of boost I do have a ks3 knock detection in it on dash but it's not linked to the ecu at all as not capable
  7. Make sure the firmware is upto date first
  8. The suppling dealer should provide it
  9. Decapped injectors have a terrible spray pattern as they just dump fuel in not in a spray By proper injectors and get someone to set up a base map to get it started
  10. Take this is the same on a link g4 storm wire in module as never seen purge work yet What do I need to do to make it work Also running a subaru
  11. Redo the compression test and compare values from first compression test If you squirt some oil down the spark plug hole and redo compression test on 1 cyl and value increases it is possible that the rings need done and a hone of the cylinders to seal the new rings It state in first post he had alot of smoke from catch xan that's why I suggest above
  12. Been running a lc-1 wide band sensor and controller for last 5-6 years with no issue Still on original sensor and reading fine still
  13. Remember the g1 can't accept a widenband 0-5 input for its lambda signal Might have a spare v5 lambda depends on where you are
  14. It's a 5v sensor with a found and a pulsed ouptut
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