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  1. i have maps if you want to email me at dobson99@xtra.co.nz cheers
  2. Previously Josh L wrote: Hi there, I have a non-vvt 1uzfe that I have wired up using multi-point group injection. I've noticed there's a 1uzfe vvt basemap for the G4 Xtreme provided with PC Link but I wasn't sure if this would work even after adjusting for group vs sequential injection etc etc due to the likely timing differences etc... Does anyone have a basemap for the non-vvt 1uzfe? Cheers, Josh. hi josh i have a a few good maps for these give me a email on dobson99@xtra.co.nz so i can email one to you. you will have to reconfig the aux etc but it is a good base tune
  3. hi anthony great to here you have fited a link ecu, just a small bit of advise and i dont mean to be rude but you should really take your car to a link tuner to tune once you have it tuned then study it and imrove if you can there tune as it is very expensive when or if you make a mistake. which as you know will set back the pleasure of enjoying you ride. the base map allows you to start your engine only and five hundred hp is very high hp i build and tune rb engines as my main type of engine and can advise you on what you would need to fit in order to acheive this but you need to do internal things to make it last cheers Ross
  4. do you still need help with this if so give me a email dobson99@xtra.co.nz cheers ross
  5. give simon a call at link he can email them to you
  6. have you tryed it in another an volt try one or two and see if it still has a problem i have had a couple of issues like this but it was with an volt 2 where it shared with a di4 and there was a pull up on under the di side. you can email a log of it to me if you like and i may be able to see whats going on
  7. version 7 plug in ecu this is a old ecu but is lap top programable with a ribon cable and serial box. or hand comtroler. give me a call if you need a hand 021754832 0r 067548336 cheers ross
  8. i would like to see plug and play ecus to pick up the main cars on the road in nz and austrailia late model holdens and fords would be a good start there is nothing on the market for ba and bf falcons and we all know that this cars drink the fuel and i need to save money on fuel asap so simon i will slip you a box of cody if you can whip me up one before the weekend cheers ross Â
  9. lol and his answer was shorter than mine too y am i still here again bet my wife thinks im having a afair
  10. i sell base maps for $150 inc gst if you are interested cheers ross 067548336wk 021754832 mob
  11. what sort of car do you have and what model of ecu do you have
  12. my advise buy a new g3 wrx link and save your self a lot of head aches. by taking your car to one of the dealers listed on this web site buy the ecu from him and let him/her tune it trust me i tune these things every day of the week .I eat sleep and shit these ecus and i love them because ive neen trained to tune them, like all of us dealers we make it look easy but trust me weve all had our sleepless nites learning lol. oooopppsss its late again better get back on the dyno. cheers ross 067548336
  13. wher abouts are you i have just finished a mr2 g3 lem install with great results the easy install plug and play made it a one day excercise to in stall and tune on my dynapack hub dyno
  14. hi mike first of all where are you from i may be able to sell you the info you need cheers ross 067548336
  15. even the majic fairy and please dont just send simon wrapped in glad wrap we will know its him !!!!!!! cheers Ross
  16. please put better plugs on map sensors. supply better looking and easier to mount boost control solinoids. drill the vacuum hole a mm bigger on lem ecu's make ecu boxs more water proof or being out a special marine ecu. peak and hold ability. smaller ecu boxes and or smaller adator link boxes. closed loop tuning knock control. a magic fairy to install and iron out all problems over nite so i dont have to the next day. greater margins. a money making output would be nice to. and a ddt logo in the display link the ability to have the display link and pc pluged in at the same time . a fused relay supplied with the ecu. a way of nowing < scope pattern > on pc link for checking trig one and trig 2 would be great just dreaming but food for thought love the product tho chur from the waitara boyz ross
  17. depends on which air temp sensor you have but the 3/8 npt air temp sensor requires a 13.5 mm drill hole and a 3/8 npt tap the wiring colour codes are in my experiance not always the same so have a look on page 10 of the user manual you will see that there is a diagram there to help you out cheers ross
  18. hi laurence, i take it you are trying to use your std ignitor if you want to do it the easy way buy a link ignitor trust me they are so easy to wire and you can see by looking at the flashing led lights if you have made a mistake, i have now installed well over a hundred link ecu's and dont even bother to waste my time wiring up to std ignitors and they havent got the same grunt that a link ignitor has. std ignitors always waste your time and money by wasting more time and money tyring to work them out lol... if you really want to get your std ignitor going i can get a diagram out for you cheers ross
  19. soundz like a wiring fault? do you have a hand controler that you can check engine temp also check the vacuum hose is connected correctly to the map sensor. if it was right for a few days it wont be a ecu fault it will be in the wiring or vacuum hose area.
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