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  1. If you go into advanced settings for the boost cut you can narrow down the threshold which the cut activates
  2. Is the Mazda MPS not a direct injection car?
  3. Are you running an IAT sensor? if so where?
  4. If you go into the launch options you can choose 'latched launch' which gives you a variable RPM depending on the RPM when digital input is activated.
  5. I've seen clips of this on track, it's good to know more about it, mental!!!
  6. Chris250

    2jz idle

    It sounds like you getting a lot of air in after the throttle plate. Look at the mechanicals first as the only time I've seen something similar was when someone had fitted a greddy intake to an SR20 and never blocked the spare ports.
  7. Have you tried using the Gear Shift Control in the software? If your running that kind of hardware it would be worth spending some time setting up this properly rather than a dummed down flat shift as you call it
  8. How were you testing it Scott? ChaserDream, are you running a stock igniter and coils? When I was researching the JZ ignition system there was someone testing it in America explained that the system can only charge to a maximum of 2.5ms before it fires itself. Its to prevent damage to the igniter from overcharging. When I came across the issue it was during tuning and was running direct fire through the stock system.
  9. Glad to help, the reason for the issue is that the stock JZ ignition system can't charge for any longer than 2.5ms,this causes the misfire you were getting if you try
  10. Your injector dead times should be set before trying to do any other tuning, it has a massive impact on the fuel tables. Take a look at the ignition dwell table, any value above 2.5 is useless, set them to 2.5
  11. I've written a guide on how I set up the logging to make more useful logs for my uses, track mostly but works on the road too. Data logging G4+ guide
  12. your ignition trim isn't activating until 90% throttle, try bringing this down to about 60%. Also what your describing is the car bogging down, you can sometimes get this if you have too much grip and not enough power available, try data logging what's happening, RPM, Boost, Ignition angle, wheel speed and injector duty for a few key ones. Either log on your computer or get the ECU to log what's going on and post up a copy of your file and datalog on the forum
  13. Either map switch or just the option to have different activation conditions allowing the different controls to become active
  14. Hi Simon, When you say two different maps do you mean two completely different map files? Sure this is something that can be modified in an update as it is an option I was wanting to offer my customers who use their cars on the road and 1/4 mile
  15. Chris250

    MR2 fan control

    It's a rev 3 forgot to add
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