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  1. hi what would be the settings for this sensor for my G4 xtreme ecu, its not on the drop down list,
  2. I have the settings for Haltech ecu's bottom of istall guide http://www.taarks.com/v/vspfiles/Instruction_Manuals/200001_SR20ve_Hall_Sensor_Install_Guide.pdf
  3. Hi, I have installed a hall sensor kit to an SR20-vet conversion, do you have info on its setup. thanks
  4. seems the AEM cops are no goodseems they will damage the pro-14, Â the M&W needs falling edge trigger will the ignition drivers on the g4 xtreme supply this
  5. can anyone supply a pin-out for the above, going sequential ignition, i know its asking a lot so im happy to paypal some cash over, its for a build im trying to complete that i started in 2006, www.sxoc.com/vbb/showthread.php?259427-my-car-rebuild-thread/page49
  6. hi can you let me know the pin-out for the above sensor as it has 3 pin socket pins marked 1-2-3, the instructions are for 7 pin socket, just need to know which is +5v map signal and ground.
  7. hi, im new to this and learning on the fly, i have built a bored and stroked sr20det with ve head conversion with dry sump, already installed the crank sensor at 30' btdc, now im installing a cam sensor, what angle btdc should i install it at.Â
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