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  1. Hi Patrick, Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Tkun trid xi ghajnuna fxi haga kelimni fil kas ghax issa ghandi naqra idea tal link
  2. Eric

    RE: Dwell Help

    Hi Scott, Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â I was to have the link ignitor but I use to have like a limiter at about 7500 rpm. So I change it to the msd DIS 2. Yes I use to have spark but it was very low. So Shall I leave all the following figers as there are? Spark Edge ( Is set as Falling) Ignition Delay ( Is set 0 us) Spark duration ( Is set to 1 ms) Max Advance ( Is set 45deg BTDC) Thanks Eric
  3. Eric

    RE: Dwell Help

    This is the information about the coil Coil Wire Attachment Female/Socket Coil Style Coil pack Primary Resistance 0.530 ohms Coil Internal Construction Epoxy Coil Color Red Maximum Voltage 40,000 V Turns Ratio 83:1 Secondary Resistance 12.8 ohms Inductance 5.8 mH Mounting Bracket Included No Coil Wire Included No Ballast Resistor Included No Coil Shape Square Height (in) 3.349 in. Length (in) 4.097 in. Width (in) 3.472 in. Quantity Sold individually. Notes For DIS ignitions. Now how i shall for the ignition mode as mine is set on Wasted spark. Spark Edge ( Is set as Falling
  4. Eric

    RE: Dwell Help

    Hi Im going to install the msd dis-2 on my car. Can you help me about the dwell values please. Please note the cars have also msd coil pack and running at 11000 RPM. Thanks in advance for your help. Eric
  5. Eric

    Gear Change Help

    I need to set a sort of a limiter on my gear change but I would like to trigger it but my self using a switch which I have on my shifter. It is the Gear Cut control? Can you please help me with the configuration. My shifting point should be somewhere about 9000rpm. Thanks in advance for you help. Eric
  6. I got a honda turbo engine and I'm going to run about 380 kpa of boost. What spark plugs shall I use. Thanks Eric
  7. hi scott. regarding the comm error please note that im running on windows 7. i have a datalog to see the ign what is doing. thanks
  8. Regarding the comm error im running windows 7. I aslo send you a log file so you can see the ign what is doing. Â thanks
  9. hi scott. i find the problem why the engine was not firing up. if have a problem with the ign. egg i have figers on the ign map 18 bit the engine timing is-29.1deg. what you thinks.the problem is? somthing else that i have i cant download to the ecu is giving me communication error. can u help me pls. thanks
  10. Dear Sir,                 I have the engine is working on 2 piston.I think I figer out what is the problem, as I told you in the auxiliary outputs - fuel I find injectors 3 and 4 where off. I tried to put the function to injection and I saved it till there is was find. The problem is when I try to download it to the ecu it show at download ok and save but remain with the same values of before plus showing comunication error. I also went to the injector test section injectors 1 and 2 pulse fine but 3 and 4 dead.  What you suggest me to do please.  Thanks  Er
  11. Thanks Scott it works. thanks for your help.
  12. Does the G4 works on windows 7 caurse when I'm tring to install the per-installation I'm getting the following error. Error copying driver file comunin.exe to C:\Program files\Link\ComLink If any one can help I will appreciate it. Thanks Eric Â
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