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  1. What I should do personally is: set load equation to map. Then set fuel table 1 to load axis tps, and map the car on waste gate pressure. Then ad boost and set up an 4d map with load axis map, to take the fine tunings in account were the map calculation does not fix the complete calculation. To have nice and steady afr's. Ditch that fuel map 2 and set up your lambda target table to map VS rpm, problem solved, you can make the afr leaner on low load(map) conditiond
  2. Shedley


    aaw, my bad, i was trying to open the file in G4+, which obviously doesn't work, compare function is not possible in G4 software as far as i know, i'm sory
  3. Shedley


    You can use the compare map file, then the program will show you all the differences in red I tried to open your map, but i can't open the map for some reason
  4. Shedley


    I'll take a look later this evening
  5. Shedley


    It's quite hard to guess what's happening if we can't see it
  6. Shedley


    Then you can't actually know what's happening, is it a mixture problem, ignition ect, can't know without logs
  7. Shedley


    Just keep in mind that cams have a big impact on VE(volumetric efficiency) what is your lambda doing, do you use the same spark plugs/gaps, same coil ect?
  8. Have had that issu as well, put iff you set something as a wheels speed, it stops happening You can also reinstall older firmware, in the update firmware tab, choose a older firmware, and install it
  9. Shedley


    Any logs and pcl file?
  10. Isn't there a iat sensor in the maf stock
  11. You have both options, you can just use the oem wires and change calibration in the ecu. That's what I should do
  12. There's a really good explanation here on the forum from mapper, I should look if I can find it Here you go:
  13. Shedley

    Rotary switch

    Yes indeed, what brand Rotary switches do you prefer?
  14. I'll tell you something: I've more then 5 customers running on a fury ├ęcu on a s54 engine with dual vanos. Vanos always active, even on idle. Afr spot on, nice flat torque curve between 365-400 nm and 365-410 hp (some stock engines, some build with 302/296 cams ect) all on 1 fuel map strategy. Your vvt maps decide the position off your cams, so if load axis of vvt and fuel map are the same, there is definitely not a need for a second fuel map. As you have a m50 with a simply on-off vanos, thing getting even more straight forward. You're making it yourself way to hard. Have done m52b25tu
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