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  1. I'm gonna be using S50B30 ITB's on my M54B30. It has a vacuum manifold for the brakebooster but using that isn't going to work? Because of the fluctuations in the vacuum. Where should I place the Map or just forget it and use Tps for load? Does anyone have the same kind of setup? What's your answer to this problem? Someone had posted the subject before> http://www.linkecu.com/forums/engine-tuning/280172659?b_start=0#927121485
  2. <body><p style=''>Drive it like you stole it? Redlines Probably going to be under hard use . But Only at 7200~7500rpm.<p style=''>I'm still new when it comes to tuning ecus, just needed info. Thanks! Really eased up my worries.
  3. The fuel table has max of 22-rpm & 20 load axis points. My question, is 500 rpm accuracy enough for the map? Does the ecu calculate the rpm/load values between the cells? Is the fuel map really this coarse or is there some other values that fine tune the injection? map,iat,tps?
  4. I was looking into Ecotrons alm-s wideband controller, It supports the ''newest'' LSU4.9 sensor. Was thinking of buying the dual sensor controller and running it 2banks - 3cyl/3cyl. Does anyone own one of these? If so, How are your experiences with this controller?
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