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  1. Greg W

    oldschool chev setup

    Thanks Adam, Nice feature that makes a conversion like this simple
  2. Greg W

    oldschool chev setup

    Ok Thanks Adam so 1 T/tdc gives me the 8 ign events/720 deg, base timing set by distributor position ? Thanks for the MSD box tip Not even sure what cam is in it , if it looks like Vac signal will be weak i will just start with TPS
  3. Hi all Been asked to help with an efi conversion on an old W model chev They have an Atom , setup with TPS and MAP, and i am going to add Lambda Replica 6x97 carbs with internal Edelbrock 29lb injectors , one / carb , Optical distributor still with 8 pole chopper wired direct (i am assuming) to trigger 1 Single coil, only remembered i should have checked if it was a smart coil after leaving Was going to setup as traditional fuel tables as i am more familiar with that and i dont see future changes once setup and running I am still to test the pinout so i can be sure how it has been wired , esp for trigger and injector options in setup any comments about best way to use this all are most welcome chopper, remove 1 for missing tooth or 7 for single trigger or find another trigger mechanism ? Hints on starter mapping ? was going to look at just beginning with the Atom sample , making setup changes and playing with master fuel numbers until i get it running
  4. Greg W


    Actually just remembered the gen 1 busa has 2 crank trigger options, 99-2000 was 8 pole evenly spaced, 2001 onward was 24-1 and then gen 2 had 24-2 if your not sure which you have it will need an inspection Also if you have not done so already, the crank trigger wiring shares a harness with the alternator, depin these and separate from that harness for a cleaner signal.
  5. Greg W


    my Busa is 255, but gen2 and the cam pin position is a couple of degrees different on them and my cam timing is not std gen1 setup is in the help file
  6. Greg W

    Wastegate issues

    +1 on the merge angle Had a bike come here with same problem, it would actually make 10 psi with the wastegate removed , dragging air into the turbo rather than letting exhaust out If you dont want to replace the housing i would cut the pipe off the housing and remake in same position with an angle cut outlet to compliment flow
  7. Try removing a couple of degrees timing at cranking rpm
  8. Are plugs in cranking trying to fire or is that turned off ? If we have had problems like that on the Suzukis and Kawasaki, they were so small not to notice Upgrade cable size ??
  9. Greg W


    Yes 4 bikes running these with either Link or Vipec
  10. Greg W


    Looks like the same hall effect sensor we have on the later gsxr Suzuki's
  11. We use the link on turbo bikes, dual injectors , big cams , low compression , ITB, Using MAP/BAP X over base setting with TPS/rpm fuel table , staged secondary injectors and MAP based secondary staging table would this do what your wanting ?
  12. I would add an extra condition so you dont bump the shift at the wrong time (like key on not running) and bend the shift fork , something like rpm or speed related
  13. Northern Victoria Aussie I dont mind shipping if you dont , it will fit in a small flat rate box
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