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  1. Hi all I'm trying to find the correct deadtime for pink sti top feed 550cc that replaced my old RC 440 on my 4efte tuning my g4+ ecu Also went to COP conversion setup, so I've used the Toyota/Denso 90919-02238 from 2zzge, so can someone help with the dwell table, which I guess are the same as 90919-02230 Thanks a lot Regards
  2. Hi all Had just finished the car with the map tuning, I've only had the issue with the idle solenoid valve, so I had updated the firmware but then everything is dead, I can't even start the car:( Can anyone please have a look my file so as to maybe pinpoint my fault after the update, because it's the very same file that before the upgrade was working just fine This car is on dizzy setup, 4a-ge 20v silvertop, no trigger errors. Also is there a particular way to setup the vvti in this engine? I've tried all base toyota maps but I can't make it work.... Thanks a lot for your time CELICA 20V SILVER.pclx
  3. Alrady sent an email to Link TEch...:) Thanks And in fact you must be correct since the 2.5 which I have in hands is MPX4250AP, so next is MPX4400AP after little google-digging...
  4. I can do soldering-desoldering...any faster way?
  5. So no option for replacing the internal one?
  6. Hi all I've found a g4 used one, which I assume from what I've searched here that it supports 1.5 bar of boost, since all the g4 internal map sensors were the 2.5 bar link, correct or not? In fact, how can I be sure what map this ecu has got installed? Can I find somewhere an internal one to replace this with a higher one? For example in the Lem G3 (one that I'm using now by the way) there were different versions you could order with 2.5 bar or 5 bar option. Internal map sensor is An Voltage 5, right? So if there isn't any option of replacing the internal map sensor and I was to install an external map sensor I would use one of the others An Volt, right? And if I choose one for example the 4 bar Link map, how would I choose it? Just map sensor at the analaog drop down menu and 4 bar underneath? Thanks
  7. Thanks for your detailed response! For now on my g3 I m using already 6 out 8 aux, so assuming that I I ll need one more at least for the tacho, then there is only one left which is already overlapsed by the 1 DI that I m using for my AC so it can't be used, so in general I need 7. So maybe it's more clever if I find a g4+ storm used one as the one in my previous post? As for the coils, so it has lots of advantages as I understand superior performance compared to the old dizzy, but wouldn't all this be fully completed by sequential injector setup? Lastly can I find somewhere the specs of this g4+ storm of the photo to check the outputs it offers? Thanks
  8. Hi all One little question, for years now I m running my 4efte with a link g3 and a distributor setup. So I ve decided to convert it to coils for better ignition since I m almost at 300hp. I ve checked yesterday that I need to keep the dizzy for the trigger signal but I ll have to drive an aux for the tacho so as my dash reading the rpm again, correct? Also is there a real gain from this conversion since I can't run sequential injector setup? Did I understand it correctly from the manual of the g3 that it only has 2 injector drives, so no matter what it's going to be grouped? If this is the case I ll better sell the g3 to buy a new ecu? The thing is atom x and monsoon hasn't got too many outputs, they are always short in something, so only option is storm, but it's way too expensive for a coil and sequential only conversion:) Thanks P.S. Can someone tell me what version/model is the ecu in the photo? It's from a friend of a friend who sells it, but my search for G4+ storm brought up a "plastic" black link storm and not this kind of ecu, so is it a previous versions or the same thing with the "blackplastic" one?
  9. So whenever this condition is valid (1 and 2 simultaneously) it will switch to the 2nd map, whenever for example the condition 2 stops being OFF and becomes ON, this virtual aux will become disabled, thus the ignition map will revert to the first one, correct? :)
  10. I'm trying to prepare and explore the new pclink for the g4+ and I'm using the monsoon or the storm sample file and I'm trying to transfer my settings...I've also used the older pclink for the older storm g4.. In VirtualAux when I use the GPOutput in G4 Pclink I can use in the condition 1 the digital 1 input for example and in condition 2 I can use the digital 2 input, so when DI 1 is on and DI 2 is off I'll switch an ignition map, but I can't do the same on last pclink for the g4+ (either monsoon or storm), there isn't any DI Value 2 on the list of condition 1 or condition 2.....true or false? Can you help?
  11. I think one "last" question hopefully...can I remove unneeded pins from the looms? Please don't advice me to buy the pins and terminals seperately, because it will be too hard for me to find the coloured cables seperately...so can the pins with the cables be removed from the connectors?
  12. If I choose storm, map sensor will have to be purchased seperately, it only takes one Analog Voltage input concerning the wiring?
  13. Ouaou....where was this written as a note at least? Anyways...I'm running solenoid type so I guess I'll be ok! Thanks for your fast response! Is there any pdf manual for the g4+ either monsoon or storm concerning the wiring as back in the old days of the g3 ? Also LoadInputs in G3 are AnVolt now in G4+?
  14. Hi all After so many years with my lem g3 I may be thinking of selling it (open to offers in fact:) ) and upgrading to g4+ monsoon or storm as I need sone more Digital Inputs for now. My only concern is the aux, now on the g3 there are 8 and if I remember correctly when I use the only DI I can't use aux 4, in total I need 6 so monsoon covers me (6 in total) but is there any conflicting aux with di in monsoon as there was in g3? Thanks
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