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  1. hi all I have a link G4+ storm Ecu and I have put a 1jz vvti into my Lexus IS200. Could anyone help with a base map for timing and fuel. All is standard setup. Many thanks!!
  2. Hi all just a quick question really and hopefully a simple answer I have a 1jz vvti which runs wasted spark which i have wire directly to the coil packs. The question is the spark seems to be weak and eratic and wondered if this is because i am not using the oem ignitor block? or is having the Link G4+ Storm driving them ok. I cannot get a decent pick up for the timing light to work its that weak!
  3. So I have done everything up until starting and ensuring my timing doesn't move with timing light at various Rpms thank you Brad! Much appreciated mate I'll get the engine started and do this next
  4. Ok so that means my triggers are setup fine. Thank you. regards syncing the triggers I have: ref timing = 10 trigger offset = 200 i have not set the bottom figure as I have not started the car yet. Is this all that has to be done? Regards syncing Also I have connected timing light and this times on the 10 btdc also
  5. Hi There i am currently setting up my ecu. I have the ignition set as wasted spark as i am using the OEM coilpacks which work in this fashion. I have the injector setup in Multipoint Group. I have set the triggers up and trigger one on the crank is fine and showing status is ok. Trigger 2 is setup using the 1JZ profile which is showing fine. Question one. I have the VVTI solenoid setup on Aux 1 as LH Inlet. is this correct as i do not need a digital input as the camshaft position sensor is also used as trigger 2. Or does the camshaft sensor have to wired into a digital input. I presume not as the ident of LH Inlet ties the Aux 1 into trigger 2 VVTI control. Question Two. When i run the tests for ignition and injectors should they show as "on" on the configuration page? Question Three. When researching trigger offsets ect for the 1JZ there seems to be a lot mentioning about syncing trigger 1 and trigger 2 is this required? I have attached my PCLR please excuse the ignition and fuel table i am adjusting my original map for my IS200 so this is not setup correctly as of yet. 1JZ SETUP.pclr
  6. Hi i require a 1JZ VVTI base map if possible many thanks. Link G4+ Storm ECU
  7. Sorry to bump this but i am doing a 1jz vvti in my IS200 and require a base map could i get a copy of the base map please
  8. 3 teeth evenly spaced mate
  9. could you explain the Inlet/ L/H and Di Inlet R/H please, Also the 2GRFE is a V6 engine and my engine is a 1GFE which is a straight 6 engine NOT a 1GRFE my vvti solenoid is front left on exhaust side and my cam sensor is back right on my inlet side
  10. Can you explain in little more detail please? How comes there is no base map for the 1gfe engine? Cam type? Cam control module? cam angle test? surely the L/H inlet ect depends on the engine? Sorry for all the questions Would it help if I upload my map This is my map Scoff Map temp sensor fix.pclr
  11. Hi all I had my car at the mappers today and he was unsure how to setup the vvti solenoid on my car. I have a Lexus IS200 turbo which has the 1gfe engine. I run a link G4+ storm and there are no base settings for the 1gfe. Could you please advise how to set this up?? Many thanks in advance!! James berry uk
  12. may sound stupid but to confirm is the is200 camshaft sensor reluctor??
  13. quick question mate how do you work out the vvti offset?
  14. cheers Simon ill have a look now
  15. As the title says looking for a mapper in the region to map my Lexus IS200 Turbo i live in Thetford IP24
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