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  1. If we cant have the whole mixture setup, which is rather neat, can we not just get a similar logging feature? Would be great to be able to log AFR over the fuel table like that, or even to be able to log Knock and other parameters in the same format
  2. First post is comming out blank for some reason,
  3. Sorry, this isn’t exactly LINK related, but its to do with my race car running a LINK, first time ive seen this happen so I thought I would share. The race car uses a Devils Own DVC30 progressive controller with built in 3bar map and 250psi pump setup running single 14gph nozzle running totally stand alone as per the last 50+ kits ive fitted. Everything works 100% perfect and 100% normal right up to 2+bar till I start working with my antilag maps. Turbo is making just on 1.8bar for normal usage now, with antilag it runs the same amount of peak boost but on let off it stays + pressure usua
  4. Odd, wonder why It did that, To sum up my long post, I would love something that would let me log the AFR, Knock, EGT in high resolution on and XY map, for instance, to be able to log AFR over the same layout as my fuel table so I can see whats happening in each cell. The idea stems from using FC-Datalogit which has a similar feature, really helps when doing higher boost mapping without the use of a dyno or trying to trouble shoot problems track side.
  5. Best place ive found is just after the discharge on the Eatons, if your running and air to water aftercooler put it after cooler. If your charger sits very low and you get rapid map fluctuations then try take a small source off each runner into a little collector and take your map signal from there,
  6. There already is a 1uz –vvti base map, it is very close to the 3uz, load it up and map from there, most of the critical settings are very similar (please note, do not try drive the car with 1uz map, only use it as a starting point)
  7. Has anyone ever run a Splitfire SR20DET rwd coil pack set (comes with a little control box) with the Xtreme? any issues worth mentioning? Will be using the LINK igniter's (2x dual) rather than the SR20 unit
  8. I opened the diff to read how many trigger teeth it has on the input and multiplied it by the diff ratio to work out my offset I need to use between the front and rear wheel triggers per rotation.
  9. Just an fyi, with some of the lotus's I do, I notice with very short exhausts/almost open headers the widebands will read lean (even when they are at stoich or richer) at low rpm/throttle points for obvious reasons, maybe your having a similar effect.
  10. Hey guys, Busy doing my draft setup of the G4 Xtreme on my Nissan S14 race car, For the launch/traction control I obviously will need one front wheel speed sensor and one rear wheel speed sensor... front isnt a problem as the vehicle was ABS equiped and has the sensor on the hub, rear is how ever a problem, these did not come with rear wheel triggers, rather it ran one single sensor in the diff. Here is the question, has anyone set this feature up in an S13/4 before? did you use the diff or gearbox speed sensor for the rear speed reading? also how much of a difference is alowed in the soft
  11. Hi guys, Anyone got the dwell times the Xtreme will like to use for the MSD blaster SS coils, I was told an average of 15-20deg of crank rotation, spark falling on the leading edge. Just wondering what your opinion is? G4 Xtreme with 2X dual channel LINK ignitors running 4X Blaster SS's on a 8500rpm SR20 with a substantial amount of boost. Regards Rezlo
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