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  1. My car sat at APR for around a year your local dealer here, they lost/stole parts. The car got worked on for like a week in all just enough to were I couldn't return the stand alone. I prepaid for it all upfront when I dropped the car off. I picked the car up after about a year. Then the company changed names and the owners split the business. After that the car went to one of the new shops cause he was the only one I knew in the area who knew this computer. It sat there for almost a year and I finally went and got the car. His excuse was there was, there are so many other less complex jobs that made him money quicker. So now that the guys that talked me into the computer  both bailed, the car has sat another two years. I have to finish It now and sell it. I got laid off a year ago and my credit hates me for it. Wish I could be more like my country and raise my debt limit. Kinda hard to work when there is no jobs. Thankyou for your advise, I might have to give the next closed dealer a shot. I just dont have the money or the time for any more bs car has to run and be sold its crucial.
  2. Hey, I was wondering if anyone has a 1jz base map for a g3 or knows the best place to get one is here in California. I was going to do it myself I know a bit about cars, I was a professional mechanic for 6 yrs on drift/race cars. I am still worried I might mess it up or take too long with it. I just have to get the car running the most cost effective way so I can sell it. Sad but part of being laid off, one day I will build another. Thankyou for your time! Matt
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