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  1. OK, I'll check it out. (I have an antistatic bracelet ) Cheers!
  2. Hi, my trigger is hall sensor based. Motor will start only with throttle part open; it will then rev to ~3000 rpm then straight to zero & stalls. After many,many tries, engine keeps running but revs up to 3000 rpm & then almost stalls, then back to 3000 rpm etc, with the same throttle opening. New ignitor module made no difference. At present am running the motor with LINK ECU for fuel & OEM ECU for ignition. Seems like the ign driver is faulty? Is it possible to use the ign#2 output? (the one that fires on 12V and dwell on 'low'). [Guess I'd have to find another ignitor mod
  3. OK, thanks for the info Scott, awaiting pricing from sales. Cheers!
  4. At present, I have several non-functioning earth returns. ie Fuel pump, thermal fan and shift light. I don't know why theses blew, as I have only ever used them to trigger relays. They just died slowly with months between Anyhow, will upgrading to V5 fix this? I could not see any replacable fuses. Cheers
  5. Hi, I'm I able to connect the link display to an LEM V3? Presently I have the hand-tuner module dash mounded. Cheers, Ian
  6. Thanks Cameron ,I had a look at the PCLink 2.5 but couldn't see 'COMLink' terminal program? I'm presently using Winlog program with my WBo2 and the rpm signal, and TPS from the V3 LEM. I'm just trying to get the raw map signal so I can plot all four. Could I do this then if I buy a serialLink? or can I piggyback a pin from the flat ribbon to log to Winlog program? Cheers Ian.
  7. Hi,I thought I read somewhere that only v4 and above are pc compatible via serial link; and V3 needed the old comlink? At present I'm using tuning module but wish to log map values. Thanks
  8. How do I enter numbers in rows above 15 psi and 8,000rpm as that is the last entry point when in edit mode on the tuning module?
  9. Hi, I'm using v3 with the tuning mod attached. The tuner only has upto 15 psi (when entering values). Will it interpolate values for upto say 18-21psi? What is the limit of the map sensor?
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