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  1. Hey I am very interested in using this dct gearbox controller on serveral project cars in the future. http://htg-tuning.com/ How can we make it to work with the link via can together? Torque Reduction strategies depending on load and DBW Autoblip for the start?
  2. The DSG Gearbox has its own controller, the ecu just needs to communicate with it for engine torque, tps and torque reduction while shifting. I am also very interested in these gearboxes!
  3. @Adamw I try to get some data for you! Perhaps the video already tells you enough. I talked to my VW/Audi guys...it is no problem to use these actuators on RS3 with upgraded turbo to ~2,5bar boost.(Tested!)
  4. @StijnFSP Pictures just has been for demonstration. I would like to use the standard Golf GTI actuator (06K145614D). Changed all pictures to that!
  5. I was more thinking about a very low boost pressure in 1st and 2nd, to keep wheel torque low. It is also a more precise way to control boost in my opinion!
  6. Hey Has anyone experience with electronic wastegate acutators? Can this currently be controlled by a Link ECU? I think this is very interesting for traction limited high boosted cars. Cheers Heiko
  7. I have worked with Syvecs and DSG. It works really fine! Also Ecumaster advertised that they now support the CAN Stream the DSG TCU needs to operate.
  8. Wheel studs as trigger for traction control will also work for circuit applications. Tested it successful on several cars!
  9. Hey Is there any validated data for setting up this bosch dbw throttle available 0280750101 / 82mm? Regards Heiko
  10. i can confirm the solution of augusto. i do it on every 3sgte coil on plug build!
  11. Some strange settings, but fuel seems to be fine. IAT´s are strange unconstant. Knock control isn´t setup as it should be! Can´t see, if it was knock related failure. However i think ignition timing is 3-4 degrees off, what i have seen to other high power 3sgte´s. Is the ignition timing matched between engine and ecu? Could you let us know more about the setup? Early Gen3 3sgte tend to blow the cylinder wall with forged internals.
  12. Attached a typical 3SGTE Gen3 Knock Setup with the Bosch Sensor....
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