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  1. i have 12v but not ground at other side from ecu but if i put the solenoid at battery (+-) is clicking ............. so something is bad at ecu can send you and fix it or at Link company?
  2. if turn key valve not open if put only at battery is work (click) ..... how can check if aux id dead? and all aux is from same board?
  3. i turn keys on and valve is open(click) if aux 2 is damaged ...i put the valve at another aux is damaged and that? how many aux damaged? can do with switch on/off work the solenoid? without ecu only with switch 12vand ground?
  4. I have pipe from turbo to right position at mac valve andwith T to bottom at westgate and from left mac valve position at top of westgate ... How check it when run if the 2 cable is 12v and other go to aux at ecu if the last is ground can do one button out of ecu and press it and look if do pressure. (from aux is + or -)?
  5. what do you mean plumbing issue? can you tell me something to do to find the problem?
  6. Yes thats right you see that at log aux2 status i put 3rd mac valve new and is same problem
  7. the different is because try to up the duty % but not working and save the file storage the mac valve must be work at keys on ....what sound 1 click? or continue sound? i try my 2 mac valves at battery + - with (-) at pulse and work same good
  8. i do that and i have max boost and boost cut maybe something doing at ecu? burn something,aux?
  9. i change and AUX for solenoid and nothing is same thing do only spring pressure
  10. i have problem with boost control at link g4 storm i have at spring pressure 1.4 bar and max 2.1 bar something going bad and i have only spring pressure at boost map have 30% target and dont get the max boost... i check the turbo if work .. put off the air line and do boost cut at 2.3 bar so.........?? run open loop check external,leak,air lines,mac valve,wirings,everything?
  11. ok what i do first zero all cell at ignition table? an then go to panel of ignition timing? my iat ignition trim is off
  12. no its same if i log again the setting its same and if open the panel the engine work different
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