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  1. managed to upload a few pics
  2. hi Scott thanks for the reply i have a windows 7 64 bit laptop. iv tried the paper clip method without success. seems like the driver in installed but the driver is not digitally assigned as they are not authorised by windows here are a few pictures. and yes iv tried another laptop with the same OS. iv not been able to attach any pictures as they seems to be a little to big ? how do i attach them? use a hosting website?
  3. Hi guys I’m having the exact same problem i had my ECU mapped a few years back so iv downloaded an older version of the link software to make any changed but I’m getting the same issue as above in device manager. With checking each terminal on ecu wire with a paper clip is it safe to do so? and is that just the lead terminals or the wire coming out of the ecu terminals?
  4. Hi guys I’m sorry to be an amateur on the topic but i wanted some info regarding data logging not sure if this is what i require? I’m having an issue with a misfire (i think it is) or over fuelling? I’m getting a splutter in 2nd and 3rd which isn’t allowing me to go all the way up my revs and having to change earlier than normal. I’m assuming it’s a coil pack issue but i would like to prove it before asking for a refund on my new coil packs from a tuner. I’ve looked through the help section on the software but I’m not sure what options i need to select for logging ignition?
  5. thanks for the reply scot, my original post did say 'dash fault codes' i will get them cleared by a garage thanks again
  6. just to make it clear the airbag has been reconnected now just need to clear the light
  7. i am trying to clear my airbag light fault as it was disconnected and ignition was turned on to cause the fault to appear on the dash display. but as this is not showing any faults am i looking in the correct place?
  8. I have had a go and can’t see any fault codes? I have tried clearing ECU fault codes also and had no luck? This is what I get when I click to view even logs. Where am I going wrong? http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/189/capturelink.png/'> Uploaded with http://imageshack.us'>ImageShack.us
  9. i will get it a go thanks for the info
  10. thanks for the reply phil. is there a way of reading the fault codes before deleting them?
  11. hi i have a links G4 in my Nissan Skyline R34 GTR is it possible to clear dash fault codes by plugging into the G4 using the supplied software and cable?
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