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  1. Yes sir, totally aware of this function and Mixture Map, etc. But i thought its still nice to see in the log how far off your fuel map is.
  2. VE Corrected = ( Lambda / Lambda Target ) * Fuel Table For open loop mode. VE Corrected = ( ( Lambda / Lambda Target ) * Fuel Table ) * ( (100 + CL Lambda Fuel Corr. ) / 100 ) Should be working for closed loop + open loop modes. I will confirm later.
  3. Laimis

    G4x Base map

    Agreed ! Also, individual Lambda closed loop control would be nice too. Pretty much sure the new microcontroler is capable now.
  4. Cam sensor won't work on these. It's neither Hall or VR. Crank sensor is Hall (instead of VR on M50). And probably the ECU connector pinout is different.
  5. Gctech, have you managed to run 3-wire ICV on AUX 8-10 ?
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