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  1. also am I able to use pin58 or 49 (switch from eccs relay) as the +12V supply for the boost solenoid?
  2. I want to use aux output 5 on my ecu for an extra engine fan but wiring info does not say there is one. I have a pin and wire from another ecu, what pin number do I put it into to use this output? Â thanks rob
  3. i have wired up my engine fan by a relay. i have set it up on analog output aux 3(pin9)on high polarity and it will not switch on. the output is wired to the switch pin on the relay. is there anything wrong with how i have done this? any help would be appreciated.
  4. i have tried that and it still won't upload firmware update. what else needs to be done for it to connect?
  5. i have a g4 plug in for rb25det. when i connect with laptop to upgrade firmware it says it is in 'boot mode' when i press Y to start firmware update it says it has stopped due to another program wanting to use that port. i currently have firmware 4.2.2 i have tried both pc link & pclink g4. how can i fix this?
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