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  1. I didnt look at the cal posted here. But when i was facing the issue a couple weeks ago, my cal did have APS main on the ethrottle table and the issue persisted. Even though it would show the "h bridge polarity reversed" fault, it would still set the appropriate TPS main/sub voltages and i just had to verify the TP sub 100% value. The ethrottle would work but had some very weird drivability issues that appeared to stem from a very noisy TP signal.
  2. Just to verify, you do only get the error during calibration at the very last step of the calibration process when the ecu is trying t close the throttle correct?
  3. I ran in to this problem very recently. I would get the same error during the calibration process.... 75% of the time. Sometimes it would calibrate with out issue. I didnt have ample time to spend with the vehicle to sort it out, but it wasnt a h bridge issue. I want to say it is a throttle return spring issue. The fault would only occur at the very end of the calibration process and it would act as if the throttle is hung open while the ecu is commanding it to close. If i had one of these throttles on hand i would play more with it on the bench and get to the bottom of it.
  4. Brad Burnett


    maybe discribe your issues and post a copy of your calibration???
  5. I have been running a standard 150psi sensor on the coolant system with no issues.
  6. Try increasing the master fuel value if traditional fuel mode. If modeled fuel equation, try reducing the injector scale value. Removing the vac line to map sensor makes the ecu run in a different area of fuel map.
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    David, the G4x extreme is light years a head of the v88 ecu. Would be a direct swap and just need remapping. If you need more IO would be the primary reason to move to a Thunder, but Im sure you could alleviate some IO constraints with some CAN integration via a dash or some form of expander.
  8. Do you have an ethanol sensor connected? If no, its normal and not an issue. If yes, how is it wired and configured?
  9. Brad Burnett

    EZ30R tuning

    Im in Stuart just north of west palm. I used to do a ton of subarus a couple years ago. These days I do anything that pays, but prefer its on a Link. Hit me up if you need assistance.
  10. Yes it is possible. Sounds more like a tuning issue from glowing cat and vibration described. I would verify Sync of the triggers. Might have it set 360 deg out or mechanical timing issue. You should be able to get a good running engine with the dizzy.
  11. I simply looked at an aristo ecu pinout and went pin by pin.
  12. When setting up trigger 1 in the software there is a setting for position, crank or cam.
  13. @VtrSp1 I experience similar issues with the code 84. I typically notice this upon initial key on before the engine is even started. If you configure the DBW system to have "when stalled" setting set to "quiet" it will not happen as frequently, but still occurs. It typically doesnt really cause any ill effects on operation, just an annoyance.
  14. You could take a look at the jzx100 base file for initial vvt settings. and check out the ignition there also or the supra base.
  15. I have used dbw to limit power. You will find you need to remove a good bit of throttle opening to start limiting power.
  16. uses the base timing table for cranking
  17. Ignition table 1 doesnt give me any issues. But Ignition 2 is the primary one that started to irritate me. This is while configd as dual ign tables that interpolate between. Fuel tables configd the same does not produce the same results. Other tables that do the same, just quickly looking through: GP PWM 1 DC, lambda target table 2 I think its pretty much that if you initially open a 3d surface view and the view is all wild and underneath, it will reset every edit.
  18. This is the second instance of this happening to me: When trying to edit Ignition table 2 in surface view, every single change i try to make resets the surface view to some inconvenient view. This is in modelled multi fuel equation with both fuel and ignition having 2 tables that interpolate between the 2. Any pointers on how to remedy this? Update, Im finding more and more 3d tables that constantly reset the surface view after even the smallest edit.
  19. I have a base cal from my IS300 with 2jzvvti with gt35r/1600cc/multiple fuel pumps. Should be very similar. dm me for details.
  20. I did a couple SR20s on stock cas with no drama 2 weekends ago. This was on beta software/firmware for the comms issues.
  21. I have had instances in the past where content needs to be on a higher priority DI (ie 1-6)
  22. Id just go to all the appropriate pins on the header. But its typically just 1 or 2 pins that need power. Ill check my notes when i get home, as i have made bench harnesses for 02-05wrx and 04-07sti.
  23. Ive had similar issues with my G4x Xtreme. I can understand the trigger issues theory, but I initially had a G4+ Xtreme in the car with zero comms issues. Switched to G4x and immediately experienced issues.
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