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  1. have been chasing an idle issue seems every time i get it setup .next start it wont idle again just seen an e throttle active table table 1 yet its not active or switched on thought perhaps thats the problem ? i have switched off. idle ignition control ,closed loop lambda control ,closed loop idle control,and get it idling all good in open control then re introduce all the close loop and it all runs good then after restart it wont idle again .is the e throttle active table table 1 meant to be green in the e throttle run time menu ? cant upload the pcl to large
  2. efi265

    tps issue

    Ill check it out thanks
  3. efi265

    tps issue

    hi my gm style tps has failed Link G4 extreme.This is on an aftermarket edelbrock throttle body and have since fitted a new non adjustable vn commodore tps and have changed the signal and earth wires on the plug as it was going from 0 thru to 100% after calibration but if i held the throttle full open it would drop down to 10% and the volts would error out as to low and 0%Volts hence swapping the signal and earth feeds.after swapping the wires and done the calibration All checks out on the run-time values when testing it. the only thing is that the 100% comes up before full throttle even with
  4. efi265

    Link g4 to g4 +

    Hi wanted to know if the new g4+ extreme will mount as per my old g4 extreme I.e same bolt holes as I sont have a mounting kit Cheers And all the cables are the same I figure ? Thank you
  5. found it pullup resistor off ?not on
  6. HI have just had trouble with my r not running all of a sudden .i found my ethanol sensor not active after some testing of the sensor and replacing the sensor "I had a spare".I loaded an old tune and it came back active. I can't find any reason or settings which have changed any help please
  7. efi265

    logging Knock ?

    Ok ha ha i should give up there then .o i just re read the help file my mistake yes it shows the amount of retard applied as you have stated and yes it is set to zero on ecu power on so it shouldn't show any numbers after the restart i will leave it at this thank you
  8. efi265

    logging Knock ?

    ok so found the pcl file with knock setup from my old tune .but i am having trouble copy and pasting the old knk I-trim Cyl table to the new tune i have been doing as the new tune .It says i am only allowed 5 degrees retard which i understand. but how does the old file have larger numbers but everything else i see is identical in the knock set up .sometimes it will paste different parts of the table and not others and its always a different sequence ? sorry but i cant fit the pcl files on this reply ? and the screen snips are to large also ?
  9. efi265

    logging Knock ?

    ok i will have a talk to my tuner thanks yes internal would be right drrr
  10. efi265

    logging Knock ?

    hi guys i have had my knock sensor fitted and tuned .but would like to log knock data but am not sure how this works if its turned on will the knock control timing etc obviously..my tuner said there is not enough inputs for the ecu to work if there is inbuilt knock control why would this be do you think .i have a red g4 extreme. i have added knock system to logging parameter list is this the correct thing to do cheers Ross e85 efr turbo knock added.pcl
  11. hi i running a wasted spark setup at the moment with my g4 extreme and was wanting to know what would need to be changed to go individual coils its a 6 cylinder .Would this ignitor still work or did i need a new one and would there be a wiring schematic anywhere by chance for wiring the coils thanks ross
  12. Hi when I start my car it fires and starts but idle goes rather low then after say 20 odd seconds it comes up I have tried adjusting the idle speed for temp this does little .had a play with warm up fuel seems like it maybe rich and lean as it leans out the idle comes up or just thinking weather the closed loop is affecting it just checking now it's not on.nope it is set to 800 rpm but the coolant temp is 55 degress so should be good .do I need more warm up enrichment? cold start change.pcl
  13. hi simple question does g4 extreme have on board knock detection or just control do i need a knock block and if so does it need to be the g4 or is the latest one compatible cheers
  14. Sorry so switched u mean key on source 12v
  15. sorry do I just run a wire from the injector drive to the relay as a trigger relay 86 30 power 85 ground 87 to pump do I need to run an earth or an volt from the ecu or just the injector feed cant remember is there some HOW TO wire pages to download or somewhere to find them i looked thru the pclink don't like to ask noob questions
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