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  1. Hi Has anyone used one of these dual sensors in the stock location on an RB with a G4? https://www.efisolutions.com.au/bosch-fluid-pressure-and-temperature-sensor-pst-f1 Are they any good and are they ok mounted directly on the block or should it be remotely mounted. Thanks
  2. Thanks. Really appreciate the response. Car has sat for 2 years and I've decided to pull it out. I think I still have a stock ecu around that should plug it and fire up to test everything else in the car.
  3. I think this GTSLink G4 PnP I have is broken. It keeps the car on when you turn the key off. Initially you could start the car and it would idle but was low rpm, now it just won't fire the car. I saw on a recent FB post David had and said to check cont between pins 4 and 58 which I get nothing and to check this below. So I suspect it has be toasted. Photo attached of what David said to look at when opening it. Can it be repaired?
  4. Hi I've looked in the pinouts and the Link doesn't have pin 44 for the neutral switch, but can it support it at all? i.e. stop idiots from not checking the car is in neutral before starting.
  5. Correct, I have added the parameter to the logs for speed di #3, but it is just 0kph any where in the log. I've tried a few other log files as well. This is logging to a laptop not onboard the ecu. Speed DI #3 is working in realtime.
  6. Hi I have a PnP Link G4 and when driving I can view DI #3 to use as a speedometer but when logging it doesn't record anything in the log file. Does that sound right? Thanks
  7. Hi WIth my GTSLink G4, can it be setup to run coils w built in ignitors to replace the old seperate ignitor that early RB's had.
  8. Hi Can the G4 PnP run CoP w/ built in ignitors to replace the ignitor pack that the rb26 has
  9. Hi Is it possible for the g4 to be tuned good enough to daily drive w e85 in Auckland traffic. Say up to 4 hours of start stop each day 5 days a week.
  10. Check if your tablet has a zoom in the display settings as that will mess it up if you have set it up on a pc which is 100%
  11. Only way is to use the 4d 5d ign fuel maps with %e on an axis. I have a thread here somewhere about boost control onthe g4 with variable ethanol
  12. The g4 plus has multiple fuel modelling modes which allows it to be true flex fuel tuneable look at the videos ok Youtube by linkecu
  13. Yep I found in the Di for vehicle speed it has calibration number and you just tweak it up or down against a known speedo just as a gps
  14. Hi Dumb Q, but I'm assuming I should setup my speed calibration before going through the gear calibration? My speedo is out by about 10km/h at 100km/h
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