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  1. Just trying this now, I've just done a timing calibration again and the difference when swapping from rising to falling is very small 2-5 degrees ( -120 -125 ) , Also hard to tell on the starter motor. Fixed at 10. Still just fires once then stalls when on falling. What am I missing ? ** UPDATE ** Just got this working, I needed to set the dwell to 2.5ms for the MSD DIS-4 unit.. Tested by swapping to 1ms when running , and the engine stalls
  2. Thanks. I'll try this when I get back from work tomorrow
  3. Thanks for the input ,I just set this to falling and all dwell to 1.0ms, but the engine will not start . Put is back to rising, at its start ok, but will will under load ( same as before - the higher the dwell the worse the miss ) Everything Ive read says the MSD needs rising.
  4. Hi All, hope someone is able to help me out. The project is a Nissan GTiR, Link LEM 3G. I wanted to switch to direct spark so got the following cbr 600 coil-on plugs Plug that fit into the above MSD DIS 4 The car runs find under light load. The problem I am having is a misfire under load. What I have found is that the larger the dwell number the worse the misfire. I read that dwell had no effect when running CDI ? When running 0.5ms I get a small missfire over 5000RPM over 14PSI The more I turn up the dwell upto 4ms the sooner ( Less load ) the misfire happens The Spark time is 1ms Anyone an
  5. I contacted my local Link dealer asking for an upgrade price , and they told me that they had contacted Link and "you" advised the following : : "Connect the ECU to the lap top and save the map, update is free of charge through the Link website, the map will need re-installing following the firmware update." Is this true ? or what other link dealer can I use i? ( UK )
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