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  1. Daniel

    Thunder wheel sensor

    Thank you Adamw for also posting the anwser to HPA. I do still have the abs module somewhere in storage, unfortunatly i wouldnt know how to setup the CAN which is also probably slightly different from the 350z... I will check at work what resistor i could use. I suppose they would just need to be soldered in serie with the ground pin?
  2. There seem to be a bug with the polarity with virtual aux 7-8. For demonstration i did a video that shows virtual aux 5 to 8 all setup the same and then from aux 17 i show the result with each of them with the working light then it shut off on Virtual 7-8 then light back up when i resellect the virtual aux 5-6 Edit. The only way that they work is to set the aux to the opposite of what it is wired... if it work at polarity low on 5-6 then it has to be high on 7-8
  3. Daniel

    Thunder wheel sensor

    Ive tried the way the manual suggest and still no result. I tried both Pull up On or Off and switching cable around from + to -. For the rear sensor i had the engine running on 3rd gear with the back end of the car on stands. Was anybody that you are away been using the 350z/370z wheel sensor directly without going through the abs module ?
  4. Not sure if if only me that had this issue but virtual 7 & 8 doesnt work when i am trying to test them. Im running the last firmware that isnt on hold.
  5. I am currently looking at getting a setup that would use a strain gauge via CAN to measure corners weight and I would like to know if this is something that somebody has tested with Izze-racing? 24-Bit ADC-to-CAN Strain Gauge and Load Cell Amplifier
  6. Thank you for the offer on the help about the VQs. There isn't much that can be done other my big curiosity at comparing a couple Turbo VQ maps I use to tune the engine with Uprev being N/A but now with the turbo setup I will not perform the actual tune but I can get close! If you have any .pcl files that you could provide, let me know !!
  7. In March/April 2017 I was in contact with EngineeringDave, Adamw and Simon, then provided them with all of the info on the VQ35HR such as the cam/crank tooth degreeing in both full advance and retard. I got quite a bit of frustration mostly caused by my own faults and learning with the LinkECU and then going on other project after making it to work last April. I actually reinstalled the engine/ecu in the past week and provided a new feedback to Adam & EngineeringDave last night into a PM. Tonight, I will sent back to them another update which will include everything precisely noted as it is running as of now.
  8. Any update on this? Race season is starting soon over here !
  9. Thank you Adamw, I went back into my blown VHR engine box and only the intake camshaft has the trigger wheel which appear to have the same teeth pattern as the HR engine. However the exhaust does not have any (fixed/single gear). The crank shaft use the same trigger pattern(also the same flywheel) in both VQ35HR & VQ37VHR The intake cam teeth pattern seem to be the same in both engine. (As per the picture below) VQ35HR on the left and VQ37VHR on the right
  10. There is work in progress, i just submitted this in PM to those who can start the work into implementing the VQ35HR support into the software. The VHR shouldn't be to far off.
  11. yup it is different. they probably used a different trigger wheel or exchanged the trigger cam sprocket/gear from the DE.
  12. I had the thunder ecu for a while but i just started now doing the wiring setup. The VQ35HR and the VQ37VHR share the same phasing. Was there any solution that came up ? or will the VQ35HR / VQ37VHR phasing will be added in the software ?
  13. I was actually hoping that Links would develop the GPS option as its has been discussed previously. getting the g-sensor paired with the CAN GPS and video render is what i would hope to do. Please Link! make this happen !
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