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  1. What engine did this come out of? There are many LSX engines that came with different injectors. I can get you the data if you can provide this info.
  2. Rich RDE

    Boost creeping

    Apply some pressure to the waste gate and look at the operation. Make sure it is moving properly. You can also check your MAC valve aka boost solenoid and make sure you do not have a faulty controller. You running CL boost control? it could be applying proper load now and not slipping. Just double check everything before retune to make sure you have zero issues down the road.
  3. Have not had any experience with this. But it looks pretty cool for specific customers who use there cars on the street and would like multi link gauges all in one. Please share your experience if you decide to use this.
  4. Anyone have any experience with the fuel pump control method for the audi 2.0L direct injection setup using aftermarket HPFP's for these engines? According to the manufacture, the aftermarket pump is increasing the volume or bore size of the piston. The actual lobe does not change at all. I will be consulting the manufacture of the pump's here shortly to ask them some questions regarding this. Supposedly 50% increase? Any help would be great.
  5. I currently have someone that I have been using for some time now. We get the headers 3d printed for the specific year, make, and model. PM me for more details. Very simple and easy for integrating more aux, I/O's, and sensors.
  6. Use the HP tuners info. It is much easier to understand when inputting the data into the g4+. Use the 0 kpa row in the offset voltage and look at the volts on the left hand side to choose the offset correctly. The small pulse width offset use the correct table of the 2. Copy and paste into the Link G4+ section for small pulse width offset. The rest is pretty easy from there. Hope this helped.
  7. Hi guys, So I am looking for some fellow Mini tuners/ software guys to do some force GDI Testing. We are going to be building a customers 2.0T and looking to integrate the force gdi into the car for proper engine control and tuning. We are currently making a jumper so that we do not have to modify the original engine harness plug at all. My main concerns are the CAN bus system. Wondering with the new i-drive for mini if it would be better to control via piggyback with GDI? Really looking for some advice here. Have an idea but do not want to start the project until we can get some solid inform
  8. I would first lean towards getting the boost loss sorted. I am almost positive at this point it is the main culprit. If not then we can move forward. I will get a log file for you shortly.
  9. The boost solenoid being open may cause it to have a little lag and start to already flutter the valve a little. But yeah it could very well be the turbo as well. Does not look as smooth between 2400 to 3200. Keep us updated. Always great to know the outcome.
  10. This is the Quattro 2002 version. I was looking through some schematics and everything seems great. Except for the fact that this year is Wide band O2 sensor. I am thinking of just using the analog signal and tying it in to that specific channel, while running an aftermarket WB module and gauge. Now doesn't the AWP have a different cam sensor tooth count? I need to verify this. Contemplating just swapping the head for a non vvt unit.
  11. Yeah that will do it as well. Let us know how it goes. I would regardless change the axis settings for peace of mind. Good luck!
  12. Nice!! How was your experience with the extreme? What engine code? I have found that a lot of the Link ECU PNP options you can get to run similar family engines with minor tweaks. I like to test this as we are in the US and if someone wants one for a similar engine in a different chassis, I can tell them yay or nay.
  13. Hello Brendon001. Looks like the vvt control settings are a little off from where they should be. Check the offset for the intake cam. Once you get that setup, go back and make sure the solenoid itself is actually functioning properly. Sometimes these tend to get gummed up with bad oil and contaminants. Looking at the VVT exhaust axis setup, you are going past the manifold absolute pressure setting of atmosphere because you are making 9psi. This will stay with the last value but I like to know the tables correlate to what the engine is doing. The Duty cycle is kinda all over the place when lo
  14. I do not see why transmitting this data over CAN would be a problem. I have yet to try any of this. I do know that in some of the Cliff notes from Link ECU about the TTLink, It specifically says that the automatic transmission for that year is not compatible. So I wonder if the information was just not acquired. Simon / Scott can you guys chime in?
  15. About to do some experimenting with the Audi TT PNP G4+. The AWP engine is not listed in the codes of engines that might work with the PNP for the A4. Also the AWP engine has variable valve timing which is going to make things unique. Has anyone on here had experience running this engine even with a Wire inn ECU? Going through some schematics shortly before we embark on getting this system to run the A4 engine. Happy Holiday everyone!
  16. I can tell you that I recently had a customer come back and state the same sort of issue. He emailed Link which then emailed me. I told him to send me the ECU so I can find a same setup and plug it in to see if I can get it running with that same ECU. Long behold the car came in and I was able to get the ECU to run the same vehicle with the same setup. Come to find out that someone had installed the battery cables reverse polarity and shorted some stuff. Also the grounds are very sensitive. I would start diag. and I am sure you will come across the issue.
  17. Been having issues with running some cars when introducing Modeled fuel equation in traditional the Lambda average is not correct and the car will not start at all. Works when in modeled multi blend. Any one else see this?
  18. If there are hesitations while adding fuel then I would imagine the timing is incorrect or something else is causing that stumble. You want to add fuel to help cool the exhaust gasses to some extent. This is how you start to create loud banging. Tip
  19. Hi there. I recommend that you use the help file within the software. There is very useful info on the Antilag settings. You can decrease more timing but remember that it's not always safe to keep reducing timing to get the loud bangs you are looking for. Optimizing the cut and fuel is crucial when getting the antilag working properly.
  20. Rich RDE

    1JZ VVT-I Map

    Sorry I have not been on here in awhile. I was extremely busy with a 996 turbo project. Please email me again. I did not get the email. Cheers
  21. Rich RDE

    2jz idle

    Bump for the Air leak! Very common to overlook. Plus I would see where the MAP value is. This will give you a very good indication of vacuum leak.
  22. Log the value of the AN volt directly with the RPM. You can then manually load the car to that voltage while not moving and measure the travel. Then do your calculations. So if at 3.4v you are at 2 in. of travel @5500 rpm and you would want to see more RPM and Wheel Speed. You can adjust the table from there knowing what your travel is. The value will change as you launch. So at static (AN Volt) height. You will have X RPM. Then as the AN Volt changes. You can adjust wheel speed and RPM to suit your needs. The wheel speed can be adjusted in the Axis setup. So you can really tweak this. It is g
  23. I have not done any mapping and physically measured the metering pump. I will tell you that I set this to 75% duty at 90% throttle and above 2000 RPM. I then ramp it up even more than that at the end of the RPM Limit. Each car is a little different and depends on if you run premix in the gas. Which I highly recommend if Racing. Cheers, Rich
  24. What car is this going in? Majority of the time the signals for your analog gauges can be ran just fine. Unless it is a high voltage signal lets say being pulled off the Coil pack for the RPM. Then you would run into problems. For the most part you will only be using the RPM output from the ECU. The rest will be retained within the factory wiring unless your car utilizes CAN bus for communication. At which point you can still obtain the use of the factory gauges. You would just need to know how the CAN works and apply the data to the User configurable section of the Link ECU Can side of things
  25. Rich RDE

    1JZ VVT-I Map

    I do not have a base file for the VVTi but I do have tuned files. Email me for a file at linkprotuned@gmail.com you will need to adjust the injector data and a few other things. This file is a modeled fuel equation file for a VVTi based engine. Cheers, RichRDE Link Pro Tuned
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